Friday, February 3, 2023

Will Litecoin Cash & LitePay Move Litecoin price?

Meant to cover this in last video, and have been reading a lot of comments about it. So here are my thoughts.

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  • Litecoin Cash has nothing to do with this new bull run. The entire crypto market is rallying hard. BTC has gone from $5,500 to over $11,000 in a matter of two weeks.

  • Dan can you do a video of the field of dream scene where James earl jones says people will come ray? And instead of the word baseball, insert the word bitcoin. Please that would be awesome

  • Hey I have a question:
    Why are you so Sure that Litepay isnt a Scam? They dont even have much information about their Team and Company and so on?

    All the best

  • love the litecoin show. You just dont need the count down.

  • How could anyone watching you and who isn't a first-timer watching this video think for a second that you are spreading fud? Get real people. Dan is a realist and tries to keep things in perspective. LTC could easily drop to $200 as part of the natural ebb and flow of the markets. He is pointing out 2 key areas of support that could represent new buying opportunities for those looking to get in or add to existing positions. Anyone who says any coin should go straight up and never correct is living in a fantasy world. Another stellar vid, bro! Your heart is definitely in the right place. Blessings.

  • bears might push this down just so they can buy the crap out of it and pick up LCC. Then let it fly.

  • ill be selling that fear. taking my profits and ill see you on the dip

  • You are a workaholic thanks for all the work you do

  • Just posting this for Litecoin family or anyone listening to a lot of nonsense regarding litecoin run up lately..Please.. no more nonsense of thinking it is possible for litecoins resent price climb to be from that stupid litecoincash fork happening people!…Its BS and anyone with 1/2 a brain would realize No one would rush to pay over $200 and buy a coin they really did not believe in or want to sell for the benefit of receiving 10 worthless Litcoincash coins… There are many great coins at exchanges that are dirt cheap (pennies each) that these people would buy instead… Now maybe people already having litecoin and loving it may pickup up 1 or 10 more so they may also get more free BULLSHIT coins is possible….But they sure would not sell them off once they received the BS liteconcash garbage coins… USE your brains guys! Newbies experience FUD from this kind of nonsense thinking…Litecoin is extremely cheap.and has a ton of great news lately making it very superior in many ways..its not going below 200 ever again imo….If you want to go to the moon,buy your litecoin very soon…

  • Litecoin cash and the fork isn't even happening it's a scam..

  • weak hands will sell on the weekend

  • another great, informative video
    keep up the good work!!

  • Litecoin is going to smash 2018

  • I’ve read some negative comments on here which I can see where a few might misinterpret where your stance is on the situation. I feel your positivity Dan. You are just looking out for others and letting them know how to prepare for any situation. If we drop a bit…oh well! Just Hodl and if we have some extra to invest…take advantage of it. You are spot on with how this whole thing works. I don’t find anything negative about your vids. Just solid truth. It’s a volatile market. LTC has been a premium coin for a long time. It is just now coming into fruition with some adoption…not MASS adoption. We would have to be silly to believe that would happen overnight. It’s a great step forward and we’ll get there probably sooner than later. I don’t really care what Litecoin cash does, it’s a scam coin. So really makes no difference to me. There are tons of scamcoins out there, nothing new here.

  • I noticed of all the billionaires that have commented on cryptocurrency, i dont think Jeff bezos has said anything about them. Seems kind of odd since cryptocurrency and amazon could be useful to each other. Usually non disclosure agreements people aren't allowed to say anything about whats going on. Wonder if there's something going on behind the scenes.

  • Love your videos. Someone else mentioned they thought the price of LITECOIN would tank after the fork. I don't believe it will because I remember the Bitcoin Cash fork on August 1, 2017. Look what happened to the price of BITCOIN for the entire month of August. What do you see?

  • Once LTC gets to $500 i'm selling my 5.887 LTC.

  • Fork will be later tonight…ahead of schedule

  • We still have 3 out of 4 surprises left for Litecoin this year which came right from Charlie Lee himself on a tweet three days ago.

  • I agree man I dont think LTC Cash will effect, the LTC price. Keep up the great content, subbed.

  • Wellll… I'm thinking LTC pulls a BTC and runs up AFTER its fork. We do have recent history as guidepost here.

  • Your videos are great in your very informative I could see you with 100,000 subs in no time.

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