Friday, June 2, 2023

Why Did China Ban Bitcoin And How Does It Affect Cryptocurrency Prices? (Will Bitcoin Crash Again?)

In this video, we understand Why Did China Ban Bitcoin & What Does China’s Crypto Ban Mean For Cryptocurrency Prices? We also go through should you invest in cryptocurrency & will bitcoin crash again?



With the recent news of the China cryptocurrency ban, everyone’s is trying to understand and predict
○ Why did china ban cryptocurrency
○ Should I invest in bitcoin
○ China crypto ban reason
○ Bitcoin price prediction

China is considered to be one of the largest bitcoin mining countries in the world, which contributed to overall 65% of the cryptocurrency mined, but due to the recent news miners are now moving overseas which is a potential loss of revenue for China. We also look into the local crypto exchanges in China and how the ban has affected their customer base.

Considering China’s crypto crackdown plays an important role in the global prices of cryptocurrency, we also go through how this news impacted the prices of cryptocurrency. One of the main reasons China banned bitcoin was due to the launch of their own digital yuan, which is a Chinese digital currency, hence we cover more detail about it.

So as an investor in crypto, you need to understand – why is bitcoin banned in china & bitcoin banned countries list before investing in crypto.


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