Friday, June 2, 2023

Why are NFTs Valuable? – Explained By An Idiot!

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Why NFTs are valuable, explained by an idiot! Non-fungible tokens are taking the world by storm! People are getting rich super fast with crypto art. Understand how NFTs work and why they are so valuable, all explained by an idiot in this video.

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  • I never know if JP’s sponsors ads at the end are real or part of the comedy. And I am almost convinced they’re the latter.

  • This is a pretty simplistic explanation of what NFTs are…but I still love you JP

  • Most NFT's are garbage, just wait for some massive release (A few hundred thousand watchers), then just buy it immediately on release, they sell in like 2 minutes, but it's an easy $500 to $7,500, otherwise you are risking it and at that point the knowledge you would need would be better for Stocks, Crypto, Fiat. etc.

  • Whatever form of investment you choose, I believe the most important message here, or at least for me, is to begin investing as soon as possible. When you invest, you are purchasing a day off from work. For example, last year I put down $70,000 in blue chip stocks and cryptocurrency (with the help of my advisor, of course) and gained around $400,000, but guess what? I put it back and traded with her once more, and now I'm close to a million dollars. Deferred gratification is always profitable.

  • That’s why nfts are a waste of time, money, and effort. And nfts are made for idiots who can’t care about environment. And it is plagiarism with extra steps. I’m just telling the truth nft artists

  • I litterally found real poop Nft’s today, laughed so hard haha no matter how old ya are poop will always be funny. It was almost classy as an Nft

  • NFT are pretty much paintings. There is that mafia that has a say whether or not paintings have high monetary value; not necessarily that a particular painting is pretty.

  • I am convinced
    Of what?
    I am not sure
    Genius 🤣🤣🤣

  • NFTs are your badges in the system Alison explains in

  • …It's digital so all fungus just can't get to it …. cracks me up 🤣😂

  • Im pretty sure that I'll buy an nft on the very same day I hand in my firearm and give up my right to breath air and drink water

  • Dude how tha fuck you gonna spend 10 minutes explaining why something is some bullshit (something we already know btw) and then advertise to sell us some of the same bullshit at the end.

  • This is just the Dutch tulip bulb market all over again. But at least tulips look nice.

  • This is how you dominate the NFT market… SELL NFT’s, NEVER purchase NFTs.

  • When he showed the test image I was like "hahaha" and then he showed the article that is was actually real and sold for that much
    Me: "FUCKING WHAT?!?!?!?!"

  • This world has gone nuts. My brain chose the wrong time to go amnesic(I've only been awake for two weeks). I don't understand NFTs as many times as they've been explained to me. I'll just keep my art traditional and exclusive, thank you.

  • What does happen to NFTs when, let's say, an EMP strikes in? All data being deleted… I guess the NFTs are gone as well like all crypto, all your FIAT normal bank account holdings, everything digital would be lost right? No matter there once was a coded NFT or not right?

    And in fact, even if you own tons of NFTs but you do not own a mobile phone, computer or any device with a screen to watch or show them on, you maybe "have" them but still have no real use to them.

    Besides, for very long years now, people/players are annoyed as fuck when it comes to pay-to-win games where you can spend money on better equipment or just cosmetical stuff like uniforms or avatars… now, with this NFT "tech" this is put to another level… it is said that you now can earn money with it, rather then spending money on such stuff but with the pay-to-win games, you can still play without paying something.

    But the NFTs now or all these metaverse games for instance you need to invest to be part of the "game" so saying you can easily earn money with NFTs is or can be a just a very big lure or scam to make people invest money in digital stuff now, that before they dismissed as "pay-to-win or just cosmetic shit". It is mentioned all the fucking time… buy land, buy ships, buy axies… stake this, stake that, breed this and so on… all these so called games are completely just about money, money money… no game, the game is just a fassade for a simple money making machine by trading currencies and staking them.

    And yes, some super stars or already rich crypto people are buying and selling some NFTs for big amounts of money and thus, a lot of "normal people" (simply not rich people so to say) will do so as well, hoping in making the big millions too but then… I guess… nobody will be there to buy these NFTs from the normal people simply because… they are unknown… rich/famous people buy from other rich/famous people or companies or companies buy from one artist but not from thousands of normal people simply because…. when a hand full of people earn tons of money, this money must be accumulated somewhere else… at the normal people who then sit on their "investments" into some digital pictures.

    In fact simple capitalism – a lot must pay so that some few can profit.

    By the way, blockchain in general is a good idea but a waste, in my opinion, when being used for NFTs and maybe not even the metaverse thingies. Because something as the metaverse already exists since 2003 called "Second Life". It just lacked some FIAT to ingame money blockchain to keep the ingame price stable. Something that is also not the case in metaverse games right now, as far as I tested them. Just watch at some of these digital "land" prices….

    Maybe in 30+ years all this stuff will be interesting when VR is so realistic that we can really touch, feel, taste and so on even digital things.

    But for now, all this so called play2earn games are nothing but a scam, a disguise for an even more brutal pay2win thing – > trading with cryptos, i.e. NFTs. It is no game anymore, it is brutal capitalism and simple trading and what made games funny, which are based on this, always was, it was not real, it was only digital "ressources and money" you could do whatever you want to and even with pay2win games you could still go in without spending a dollar. But with play2earn disguised pay2win this time is over for now because almost every meta "game" I checked so far was nothing but a crypto NFT trading website with mostly just a simple game in front… and for real, when it comes to star atlas for instance we have seen nothing so far, just some nice rendered video clips and nice pictures, that's it…

    Also… people may know the movie "ready player one" and yes, THIS is what all these big metaverse companies are thinking off and this is how it will get, like in the book "snow crash" but without the happy end like in the movie… that is something that people do not think about because they just the BLING BLING and the $$$…

    Yes I get this fundraising part of it for sure and also agree that it probably will take several years for most metaverse games, being created now, last year or so, to get into the final, playable version that will be available to all players, so also player who are not willing or capable of investing several thousand dollars.

    And ok, maybe these final, playable, versions will be much cheaper for the players so that land just costs some dollar, maybe 10$ and not like now, in several metaverse games, 100$ or even 1000$ minimum up to a level of several hundreds of thousands or even millions.
    But that aspect… let's say you invest 10.000$ in such a game now. No matter if star atlas, sandbox, axie infinity, decentraland, Ertha or whatsoever, there are dozens of start-ups coming up with such stuff right now… When the final game comes out and land will be cheaper so that the average player can also get into the game would mean that land that once cost me 1000$ for example will than be worth 10$?
    Or let us say all land is already sold out when the game launches, what happens then? Can new player not participate or do they have to buy land from existing players? For what price? The new adopted cheaper price or the initial price the player paid? Not even speaking about rising land prices due to the value next to them, on them and so on.

  • Talk about jumping on a project early!? Go check out the art work and roadmap for Anti Ape Association, launch isn’t until Early March it’s going to explode

  • nfts are kind pyramid sceme its worth only if you can find a another stupid guy who is ready to pay for it for no reason and it goes on like it
    most of the people who pay for those stuff dont really value it they are doing it because either they think they could find a guy who is ready to buy it back with much more money than he paid for it or beacuse they are just rich and they just want to do it bacause everyone at it

  • Bro, you got $9300 for those pixels at auction. What the fuck?

  • NFT's are "real life" digital cosmetic microtransactions but people are somehow so enthusiastic toward getting ripped off.

  • M S

    I actually think the purpose of NFTs is so that the concept ends up getting applied to the Metaverse. It becomes a market where people make money doing all Zuckerberg's work for him without him having to fork out the money. They create "real estate" for example.

  • Dude I own this NFT. Do you really think you can get away with theft when you’re showing what you stole from me directly to my face. My lawyers will make an easy job of this case. Prepare to say goodbye to your luscious life and start preparing for the streets. I will ruin you.

    #Dude #NFT

  • Does Biden sh** in the woods?
    Nnnoooo… I think he sh**s in his pants.
    And you're gonna sh** in your pants you when you see the NFT I'm about to drop…


    I like where you're going with this… say more.
    I dont really have anything else to say about it.
    Well say no more…because I'm convinced.

    That was awesome. Great timing.

  • Imagine how much the Biden art work will go for. He's big In China.
    PULSE CHAIN will get a copy of All Bidens 🎨

  • Geez just like the whole collectible/ pawn/resale/auction market.

  • I'm sorry but eventually this make belive shit is going to collapse qnd there are going to be tons of people left holding the bag.

  • The best part about this was him drinking the ketchup that should be an nft

  • Cam

    NFT's are 100% used for money laundering

  • Remember the 80’s when people dreamed about how awesome the future would be? Don’t think any of this was part of the dream.

  • P A

    And we think people who bought tulips for crazy prices were irrational…

  • Money laundering is tight! Oh uh I mean NFT's ! The rich people buying them are legit and totally not doing that. Definitley not swapping money between each other to get retards to invest in their scam

  • NFT’s are today’s generations Franklin Mint collector china plates! My parents bought a ton of those things. Today they’re worth about $20. 😂

  • genius JP! I'll be there in a jiffy…

  • Oh no. You can tell he's the kind of guy that buys NFT's just based on the title.

  • is that a neutron bomb on your back porch?

  • Baseball cards, Beanie Babies, and now NFTs

  • JP: [makes video ragging on NTFs]

    Also JP: [legit makes his own NFT]

    The embodiment of common sense:

  • because idiots with money are gullible enough to buy nonsense

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