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Russia Invasion Could Boost Bitcoin, Ethereum and stable coins, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. More on this episode of Yesterday’s Crypto News, Today, with Llama Lame.

Please note that my personal opinion about the war in Ukraine is not reflected in the video. I find what is going on in Ukraine horrible. I feel for the Ukrainians. I also feel for the Russians people, who many have loved ones, family and friends in Ukraine. War is an absolutely nightmare and is definitely not better when the two populations are so closely integrated. Ukraine’s sovereignty should be respected and war should never be an option. You are allowed to voice your opinion in the comments, but be polite, mindful, respectful and remember that it is not the population of any country, but a few powerful men, that start wars.

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti allegedly launches on March 29th, RTX 3070 Ti with 16 GB reportedly cancelled

According to video cards dot com, the NVIDIA RTX 30 90 Ti will launch late March. It is reported that NVIDIA has now set a launch date for this model to March 29th, after failing to deliver updates for exactly 2 months now………


Russia Invasion Could Boost Bitcoin, Ethereum and stable coins, according to Bloomberg Intelligence

Bloomberg Intelligence says that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could aid in driving up the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum .

“The Russia-Ukraine conflict may mark another step in Bitcoin’s maturation toward becoming the global digital collateral. Spiking energy prices are a reminder of the benefits of embracing technology, and North America achieving the status of net fossil-fuel exporter. Supply, demand, adoption and human ingenuity point to Bitcoin regaining the upper hand vs. crude oil in 2022.”


Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin admits he’s changed his mind about crypto and says Citadel might soon be involved in digital assets

Citadel Securities’ founder Ken Griffin admitted to changing his anti-cryptocurrency stance by saying he was wrong in trashing them, and said his firm could soon be market-making for digital assets……


According to PC Gamer, Intel’s new mining chip should tempt miners away from gaming GPUs

They state Intel laid out plans to enter the cryptocurrency mining space. A blog post from the company’s Raja Koduri mentioned an upcoming application-specific integrated circuit named Bonanza Mine, the design for which now appears to now be coming to fruition…..


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RedFoxCrypto’s What Crypto Am I Mining Now?

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