Friday, February 3, 2023

Vertical Piano Regulation Procedure – Piano Tuning & Repair

This instructional video goes through the different steps in order for how to regulate a vertical piano. This process works for console pianos, spinet pianos, studio pianos, and full-size upright pianos.

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Video Chapters
00:00 – Intro
02:13 – Piano Action Handbook
04:19 – Regulating Procedure
07:23 – Setting White Key Height
08:51 – Setting Sharp Key Height
09:59 – Regulating Let-Off
11:28 – Setting White Key Dip
13:36 – Setting Sharp Key Dip
14:28 – Adjusting/Aligning The Backchecks
15:48 – Adjusting The Aftertouch

This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume responsibility for the results. Howard Piano Industries

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  • Had someone come and tune and regulate my piano and now it sounds worse than ever so I figure it's time I fix what he did. He was here twice by the way and I paid him a whole lot of money. The tuning was the easy part for him….but then he said he wanted to regulate it and…took each key out and turned a screw at the end of it and re-intalled the key ……that is all he did. Now the key action is pretty bad sometimes won't even sound. etc etc help !

  • Really handy video, cheers. Could do with a bit of script to help you eliminate those 'umms'!

  • Great share – I am binge watching your vids. I think it is great you help build confidence that someone that is at all handy can make these adjustments.
    I will video-document my upcoming refurb.

  • Steve Howard is the FONT! Love everything he does here on YouTube. Also, his prices on piano parts and tools is WAY LOWER than Amazon!

  • Thanks for this! Perhaps I missed it, but when in the process would you recommend squaring and spacing the keys?

  • When you buy a brand new piano straight from the dealer (Kawai), is it already regulated or is that something one has to do when you first get a brand new piano?

  • hello Howard I am currently working on a mini upright schoenberg piano by trebel. the action seems simpler but is definitely bobbling a lot. there's also a problem with the mute when you press the key sometimes it doesn't lift off enough the strings making it sound a bit muted with quick notes

  • Hard to listen to some one always sucking in their speech.

  • Once again your videos save the day! As someone learning piano technology and still early on in his studies, lack of clarity from "how to" resources are the biggest impediment to my learning. These videos demystify all of it!

  • If adjusting the key height n depth affects the lost/over motion of the capstains then why not save it for last?

  • Do you have any advice on how to adjust the letoff of a Spinet Piano while the action is still inside and after the keys have been leveled?

  • Hello, do you sell a complete tool kit to do all of the regulation steps? I recently bought your tuning hammer kit due to the free time (quarantine) but I decided to go down the rabbit hole of a semi reconditioning of the entire piano (thanks to your videos!!). If I can get away with standard household tools for some tasks that would be great. I'll definitely be needing some spinet lifter grommets which I see you also sell.

  • How to readjust the keyboard actions to a lighter standard action to 50g? Seems like my piano actions is up to 60g at C1 & 55g at C8 when it came out from the factory. Can I add some weight e.g. 8 to 9g at the tips of the keys?

  • This is amazing… really great stuff.

    Not a musician, but a good technician… not on pianos, but acoustic guitars. This is great.

  • Just all bull shit no adjusting

  • 4:19 – That's when the explanation starts.

  • Start to finsh — appx how long does it take to do the regulation process described ?

  • You are great, very thankful for your videos

  • Steve on that piano, are some things not in regulation? Because I see some keys and hammers not at the same level???

  • Hello Howard. please tell me exactly what makes a key return to the up position?

  • Howard, I have a Baldwin upright and am having a problem with the hammers intermittently not returning to their correct position to strike the strings? I know it needs some kind of regulating but where do I start? I made a short video showing the problem. How can I get it to you for review?

  • If it's a spinet or console piano, should I climb up and down to regulate the action or there is a shortcut I can do much easier? Thank you

  • Very generous sharing of useful information. Thanks. Does the book you show have info about Kawai KU-80? It seems to be rather rare so not much info available on it.

  • I am starting on a friend's old Chickering. Wow, is it neglected! I wish I knew where my aunt's Model M went. She gave it away, and the recipient of the gift died in an unfortunate accident working in a basement with a gas generator. The Steinway was completely redone. She also gave away a Hammond B3. Those are right up my alley! Love these videos! You are more knowledge than talk, so I get more from these videos in less time than others. Some more video closeups of the action would be great, but I have tried to make DIY videos by myself and it is much harder than it looks. I have even bought editing software, but then I am taking more time editing than i did making the raw video. LOL

  • Hello Howard. I bought the Mario Igrec book and the regulation and tuning tools sets from you. I am watching several of your videos but now I am not sure where to begin regarding regulations. My piano has heavily worn hammers so I guess I should begin re-forming them before regulating? Should I start regulating the keys or the capstans? After the capstans then the let off? Or should I just follow the sequence in this video? Thank you.

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