Tuesday, January 31, 2023

UPDATED Litecoin Price Analysis April 2021: LTC Headed to Record High?

Here is our Litecoin price analysis for April 2021! Litecoin has been on the rise all throughout the first half of April, and it seems like there’s room for more gains in the chart.

The Litecoin April 2021 chart has so far seen a massive 42% upswing since the beginning of the month. In fact, the Litecoin analysis recorded an 8% rise only in the past 24 hours. But with such impressive gains in such a relatively short period of time, investors are worried whether they should be bracing themselves for a pullback soon.

So far, however, indications suggest that the Litecoin April gains are indeed sustainable in the long term. In fact, analysts say there’s a very strong likelihood the rally will continue, which sets the immediate Litecoin price target at the resistance around $289.

Stay tuned for our full Litecoin April forecast and find out where the cryptocurrency is likely to be headed over the next few weeks. And if you have your own Litecoin price prediction, please let us know in the comments!

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