Friday, June 2, 2023

Upcoming NFTs Mints & Bored Ape NFT News | BAYC Otherside, Karafuru 3D Mint, Kaiju Kingz NFT Drops

Discover Upcoming NFT projects and MASSIVE NFTs News with BAYC Otherside NFTs, Karafuru 3D NFTs, Kaiju Kingz NFTs, RTFKT NFTs, Murakami NFTs

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0:00 Upcoming NFTs Mints & Bored Ape NFT News | Karafuru 3D Mint, Kaiju Kingz NFT Drops, BAYC Otherside
0:11 NFT Market Sentiment – Crypto Market Update
3:15 Upcoming NFT Drop #1: Otherside NFTs – BAYC NFTs Game Teaser
5:35 Upcoming NFTs Mint: Karafuru 3D Mint
7:00 Upcoming NFT Drop #2: Kaiju Kingz NFTs Scientist Mint – Crypto Game
10:42 NFTs News: RTFKT NFTs x Murakami NFTs Exhibition

We’ll look at the current NFT market crash and crypto market to see how NFT flipping and the best NFTs projects are affected by the NFT market. Next, we’ll cover the NFTs news about BAYC NFTs or Bored Ape NFTs Otherside Meta NFTs Game Teaser. Then, we’ll look at the top NFT drop Karafuru 3D Mint details. After that, we’ll look at Kaiju Kingz NFTs mint and tokenomics in NFT gaming. Finally, we’ll look at the hyped NFT project 2022 RTFKT NFTs or Clone X NFTs with Murakami Flowers NFTs news.

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  • It's too difficult to find these mints, gotta be real lucky with sniping when you see liquidity movement happening etc.. or just try get lucky in a random lottery.. idunno. I've had more luck finding projects that have utility and then hope it will turn into something.. some of my latest finds are Cybee, Buck Buck NFT.. .also Tipsy Aliens.. all projects that have some real world utility. gl my dudes, wagmi!

  • One Year Splash of NFT Stats –

    Unique NFT Buyers/Sellers over the Past 52 Weeks (using market analytics data)

    Compared to May 2021 the number of unique NFT:

    Buyers has increased by a factor of x20.5 (1380 to 28,231)
    Sellers has increased by a factor of x20.9 (1366 to 28,605)

    In proceeding 52-week period the number of unique:

    NFT Buyers peaked at 192,226 the week of January 31, 2022

    NFT Sellers peaked at 155,379 also in the week of January 31, 2022

    Does anyone have a gut feeling as to when the next peak might occur? hmmmmm

    And…. here’s the raw data (hope it’s useful to you)

    2021-05-10 B: 1380 S: 1366
    2021-05-17 B: 6562 S: 5367

    2021-05-24 B: 9272 S: 6889

    2021-05-31 B: 10835 S: 8219

    2021-06-07 B: 12179 S: 9490

    2021-06-14 B: 14546 S: 10390

    2021-06-21 B: 15307 S: 11683

    2021-06-28 B: 16365 S: 12698

    2021-07-05 B: 17762 S: 14167

    2021-07-12 B: 21975 S: 16965

    2021-07-19 B: 25894 S: 19056

    2021-07-26 B: 29527 S: 21489

    2021-08-09 B: 70500 S: 42244

    2021-08-16 B: 69722 S: 43672

    2021-08-23 B: 105283 S: 64875

    2021-08-30 B: 110286 S: 64271

    2021-09-06 B: 94123 S: 55671

    2021-09-13 B: 98383 S: 65660

    2021-09-20 B: 99930 S: 70635

    2021-09-27 B: 110959 S: 79972

    2021-10-04 B: 109523 S: 80485

    2021-10-11 B: 102664 S: 70104

    2021-10-18 B: 92706 S: 66126

    2021-10-25 B: 66307 S: 49795

    2021-11-01 B: 65070 S: 50145

    2021-11-08 B: 62705 S: 47608

    2021-11-15 B: 83866 S: 65659

    2021-11-22 B: 7849 S: 64374

    2021-11-29 B: 88038 S: 65799

    2021-12-06 B: 89892 S: 69056

    2021-12-13 B: 108809 S: 80606

    2021-12-20 B: 104193 S: 79341

    2021-12-27 B: 128590 S: 101165

    2022-01-03 B: 161487 S: 127450

    2022-01-10 B: 175170 S: 133805

    2022-01-17 B: 179279 S: 132186

    2022-01-24 B: 176893 S: 140191

    2022-01-31 B: 192226 S: 155379

    2022-02-07 B: 170442 S: 141313

    2022-02-14 B: 162208 S: 142100

    2022-02-21 B: 171652 S: 143412

    2022-02-28 B: 146543 S: 125126

    2022-03-07 B: 133348 S: 114938

    2022-03-14 B: 123594 S: 115383

    2022-03-21 B: 130926 S: 119577

    2022-03-28 B: 125889 S: 123996

    2022-04-04 B: 145748 S: 136596

    2022-04-11 B: 140472 S: 127389

    2022-04-18 B: 142981 S: 142013

    2022-04-25 B: 136104 S: 130838

    2022-05-02 B: 130374 S: 124565

    2022-05-09 B: 94647 S: 91298

    2022-05-16 B: 28231 S: 28605

  • Can you do one on Dead Ape Club, and Alpha Skullz NFT Projects?

  • hey man big fan. Would be absolutely amazing and life changing if i could get a memeland whitelist from you💙

  • I really do feel bad for anyone who still believes in Otherwise and those metaverse games………..they took your money and ran

  • Awesome vid as always. We Parallaxians through the ups and downs.

  • Hello brother!
    Please review Cyborgindians project please 🙏

  • What do you think about Spaceland Astronauts NFT? I think they have big potential

  • Anyone who thought UST was a "safe" stable coin is moronic. It was a highly leveraged coin marketed as a stable coin, but was backed by btc, not usd.

  • "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." -Albert Einstein

  • Good thoughts on the possibilities for how NFTs and the fine art world can grow together. I am interested in this too. And thanks for your points about how to take care of yourself and others in the current bear market. 🙏

  • all of these "games" man, just make a fun game first and forget about the token

  • Excellent take, as always. Brilliantly explained 👏👏👏

  • As always greatly delivered

  • Those projects are on🔥. I just found another one called Crypto Thots, can you make a review on it? 🙏

  • I see the Azukis and Beanz recovering a quite bit, kinda shows that the investors are still having pretty strong conviction to the project. What do you think?

  • The market is very unstable and you can not tell If it's going bearish or bullish. I advise everyone to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. When these reports are bullish take some off to the side lines, when news gets bearish start buying. "Keep it simple simple" that bear/ correction was the best thing that happened me.But all thanks to harry Sanchez for his amazing skills for helping me. Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 9 BTC when I started at 2.5 BTC in just 5 weeks of implementing trades with signals and insights from harry Sanchez, I would advise you all to trade your asset rather than hold for a future you aren’t sure about.You can reach harry on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉harrysancheztrade.

  • Hope Kara will not launch now. Markey crashed ,my company has been more demanding on everyone rn 😑

  • The market is quiet down right now and it requires a lot of research and analysis before making any Decision… From my own point of view I think it's a very bad time for Karafuru to launch their second NFTs cause every single financial market is going down even the S&P 500… But regardless we're still going to move up but no one knows when

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