Friday, February 3, 2023

Ultimate Greenhouse Guide! – Stardew Valley Gameplay HD

Wanna see the ultimate greenhouse? This is my favorite way to set up the greenhouse to make you as much money as possible with as little effort as possible! Fill it with Ancient Fruit and simply harvest and collect money once a week. Do whatever you want with the time in between. Let me guide you through the greenhouse process from how to get it to what to do with it. Amazing Stardew Valley gameplay with my commentary as always!

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  • Sucks man because 95 percent of you guys have mods. Makes the game turn to crap

  • I put my last pumpkin into the seed maker during winter in hopes of getting a needed pumpkin seed. And got an ancient fruit seed. I was rightly upset as I got mine back in year 1 in the bug caves (10-25(?))

  • With corn you can finish the quality bundle in summer. Not so useless

  • i had to wait until fall year 2 to get quality crops because i missed the 5 gold pumpkins/corn in year 1, similar thing happened with the chefs bundle on the bulletin board with the fiddlehead fern

  • Look buy pigs and you will make that easy. I make 500k a month going into 3rd year spring. Sell the pigs in winter and buy more

  • I make more than that in only one day, you only need a bunch of pigs. Truffles sell for so much.

  • When completing community center: doesn't need much money, but Time.

    Unlike joja You can pay for money, I also do this often.

  • Money is not a problem

  • I don’t think that the money comparison is correct, because you had farming 0 from the starfruit one, but you started at 8? for sweet gem & probabaly 9 or 10 for ancient fruit

  • If you use the deluxe retaining soil you don’t need sprinklers, just water the ground once with deluxe retaining soil and plant ancient fruit seeds, deluxe retaining soil works best with crops that continuously grow

  • Slightly updated take: Sweet Gem Berries can’t be put in a keg or preserve jar so adding the kegs to the ancient fruit makes it more profitable

  • I use all coffee and cactus.

  • thank you for the video … the sprinkler setup I found helpful

  • I just realized that the seed makers are a loss if you can buy the seeds like sweet gem berry and starfruit
    If you sell them and buy the seeds, you can get way more seed (sweet gem berry is a bit of a pain though)

  • You shouldn't bother with rare seeds. Sweet gem berries sell for ok amounts but they can't be used in kegs or preserves and don't keep producing after the first harvest. Ancient berries are better in general once turned into jelly or wine, especially if you bother to age the wine. Plus you don't have to keep buying deluxe fertilizer to make ancient berries good quality, since quality doesn't factor into jelly or wine. Plant one rare seed for the stardrop from master Cannoli and then don't bother with them.

  • I was near the end of my third year and I still hadn’t encountered a single ancient seed, so I bought a bunch of wheat (cause it takes only 4 days to grow and I can feed my animals the hay) and turned all of it into seeds. There’s a chance of getting an ancient seed from this. I got an ancient seed pack on the first round of turning wheat into seeds. I kept doing that until I had enough ancient fruit to turn into seeds. Highly recommend if you can’t seem to find an ancient seed. Although this was you cannot donate it until you find the artifact

  • I grind to floor 90 before spring 20, 1st year, and i realized community center is still not open, but its late because its summer already

  • Like the hoe and a watering can, I think seeds should all have those placing capacity squares so we can stop placing it 1 by 1

  • TIP: purchase a shipping bin from robin and place it right next to the greenhouse, it has saved me so much running around

  • Don’t put seed makers on the sides of the greenhouse because then you can’t use fruit trees which can give an extra 2700g a day

  • Im lucky i saved my acient fruits from the acient plant
    And i created more seeds by the seed maker
    Planted them in the greenhouse
    Infinite money

  • Honestly i've been playing this game for like a really long time, but this "Ultimate Greenhouse" Guide lacks crucial info, especially with all the mods cheats you are using, you show the end result instantly for all high end crops without showing the actual loss and you aren't even talking about the BEST money maker in the game which is Jam, Jam takes 3 days instead of 7, for high end crops like those you put half of them in seed Maker to make seed which you will probably end up with more seeds, the rest of the crop goes 3 days into Preserved Jar while you regrow another batch

    3 days later all your crops are +50 gold worth and double base value, so you don't lose anything because half your harvest goes into seeds, half goes and double the prices, and you never spend a dime if you rotate fast enough or have enough Preserved Jars

    I used to grow Starfruit with Deluxe Speed Grow in SVE (216 slots green house) with 108 Preserved Jars, to make 150k every three days with Starfruit Jam, i was producing 216 starfruits every 7 days, and every 3 and a half days with nights harvesting my jams for 150k, so my 216 Starfruit costs me 80kish and I was making 300k every week not counting the rest of my farm (Coops, Barns, and Other crops outside)

  • Fun Fact: The merchant in the Cindersap forest actually sells rare seeds for 1000 Gold each, she will sell it always.

  • there is one other way to get it.
    "all you have to do is sell your soul"

  • I filled the pantry and didn’t get the green house… either my load broke or they changed the game since this video

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