Monday, June 5, 2023

Total Beginner’s Guide to Video Editing

So your first shoot is complete – but how do you turn your footage into a great video? It’s all at your fingertips with the power of editing! In this video, YouTube creator Kia (from the channel TheNotoriousKIA) gives you a total beginner’s guide to video editing. Check out Kia’s advice on the twelve basic editing steps to turn your idea into reality.

0:00 Introduction
0:46 Multiple takes
1:01 Back up your footage
1:18 Your edit space
1:29 Organizing your files
1:44 Watch your footage
1:55 Beginning to edit
2:10 Fine cutting
3:04 Watch over and over
3:32 Building up your edit
4:18 Working with sound
4:45 Mixing your sound
5:15 Color correction
5:28 Export and upload

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