Friday, February 3, 2023

TOP 3 Champions To CLIMB WITH In EACH ELO – League of Legends Season 12

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0:00​​​ Intro
0:19 Iron
2:02 Bronze
3:04 Silver
4:18 Gold
5:42 QOTD
5:54 Platinum
7:08 Diamond
8:30 Masters+
9:43 Conclusion
10:00 Outro

Concepts: Best ADC 12.6 Best support 12.6, best mid laners 12.6, best junglers 12.6, best top laners 12.6, patch 12.6 rundown, 12.6 lol, 12.6 changes, item buffs 12.6, preseason 12.6, chemtech drake 12.6, hextech drake 12.6, Aatrox buffs 12.6, illaoi buffs 12.6, amumu buffs 12.6, ashe buffs 12.6, lucian buffs 12.6, kalista buffs 12.6, xayah buffs 12.6, sett buffs 12.6, rumble buffs 12.6, neeko buffs 12.6, nami buffs 12.6, Blade of the Ruined King buffs 12.6, Immortal shiledbow nerfs 12.6, nidalee buffs 12.6, hecarim nerfs 12.6,

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