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Tikilen Guide pt.1: Who/What to Prepare [Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent]

Tikilen Guide pt.2 (Fight Mechanics):

Tikilen is right around the corner! In this video, we’ll be going over who I think are the best characters for the fight, and detailing roles and compositions that utilize those characters! She’s going to be an extremely tough fight, so make sure you’re prepared!

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Character Index:
Link to the CotC Discord I moderate:

0:00 Intro
3:04 Recommended Armor/Accessories
4:17 MVP Units
6:10 Debuffers
6:37 Attackers
8:56 Healers
10:57 Buffers
11:38 Tanks
12:04 Sample Compositions
15:20 Outro

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  • Timestamps for the mobile users:
    0:00 Intro

    3:04 Recommended Armor/Accessories

    4:17 MVP Units

    6:10 Debuffers

    6:37 Attackers

    8:56 Healers

    10:57 Buffers

    11:38 Tanks

    12:04 Sample Compositions

    15:20 Outro

  • Won with:

    You are absolutely correct about this being a marathon more so than a sprint. I tried with my all 5* which included Sofia and Fiore (both over lvl 75 but too lazy to look at exact level). That didn't end well. I subbed Meena for Sofia and Madelaine for Fiore and won first try after using all my nuts and swapping armor. Both 4* with fully awakened and in the upper 60s.

  • the MVP units must they be at 5*s i have them as 4,5

  • Now thats how you make a guide, you really deserve all the praise you are getting

  • Is there a list of available SP Bots in EN? Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think the one you've referenced is available to us yet.

  • Hi just a question how to reach level 100 faster for 5 stars ?

  • My Ashlan is 3.5, I could pull the first team after some level grinding but Ashlan x) Will attempt after I class him up

  • You know Theos name is pronounced Th-e-o not tayo

  • I’m not at the fight yet, but im trying to class up Millard before I do, which may take a while cause of low drops, but this guide is gonna be a lifesaver once I get there

  • Love your guide, I appreciate having some level of understanding what I'm getting into before spending a lot of time in battle, dying a lot, then trying it all out again.

    One thing that your video DID provide for me, is that somehow, after spending on the game, pulling multiple 5* where most of them are at least A1…I've never pulled Ashlan. I literally had to look up if he was released yet. I thought I was getting gas lit with a character that didn't exist, especially a 4* where most other 4* are at or close to A3. Odds are something else.

  • Love you content, wish u can make a video on new player guide, I am around level 50 however I am not able to beat the boss of final chapter 5. And kind of don’t know what I should do in order to progress further.

  • Omg, I’ve only seen a couple of minutes from your video and I can already tell how passionate you are. Hyper constructive, actually caring for every kind of person watching. Congrats on this.

  • you said on the intro that this piece of game content is permanent, but what is consider temporal content on CotC? is it the daily quest and the towers? or there is like missions that expire after some time?

  • Absolutely love your content, friend. Thank you!

  • Really awesome guide, and in general great video once again for COTC! You are one of the primary people I come to to learn about the game and I definitely can say you know your stuff cause everything has been so helpful!

    After watching this, I'm feeling pretty good when it comes to the Tikilen Cup! My luck when pulling sometimes is just so amazing (I'm so thankful haha), and I was fortunate enough to pull a full 5* Theo from the current step-up banner (as well as a 4.5* Tressa and a Lynette dupe, which made it so that now I've awakened her to the third level!).

    I have everyone mentioned that you recommended except for Therese, Hasumi, Millard, and Primrose, so I'm feeling really good already. I'm gonna see about trying to pull from Hasumi's banner and hopefully can get lucky enough to get her before it's gone. But if not, I think I can still create a good team comp. I'll also be focusing my attention on working to level up the 4* units more, since my 5* are mainly who I use and are already very high. And like you said, if I don't succeed right away, that's just fine too.

    Question: Do you think someone like Tressa might be helpful or useful, with things like sidestep and BP donate?

  • Can I use tressa instead of gilde?

  • I just got Theo from the step up! But is it worth it to remove merrit for him and lose out on light magic? (I’m on master of all 7 and I know both gonska and Pardis are weak to light)

  • I have a question, it doesn't have much to do with this topic, but if I wish on a limited banner, let's say cyrus, and then I get the fragments for the exchange, if I do not use them and the banner ends, do I keep those fragments to use on the next time his banner is around or do they simply disappear if I don't use them within the time of the banner?

  • I got sofia should i reroll

  • What levels would you recommend and/or what does the fight say it recommends?

  • never tried this in JP, went in today with mid90s 5stars team today. Unprepared = died horribly!

  • Did they release awakening+specials together in the jp version?

  • It sure is great to have such an excellent content creator breaking down this game already. Keep it up man!

  • Kyo

    How do you get to the arena? Do you need to finish all 3 chapters first?

  • My favorite tikilen part is the funi crit moment

  • I have enough silver guidestone to trade for Theo's class up material. Should I class him up or use the silver guidestones to level my *4? I have all *5 minus Gilde, Heathcote, and Hasumi.

  • I wonder if I should try to pull for Theo while I can

  • Thanks for the video! I just have one question! I have some questions! I have Tressa 5 stars Awakening 1 and Gilderoy 4.5 stars, do you think I can replace Gilderoy with Tressa to be the tank?

  • Sir, your content is absolutely top tier. It’s fully comprehensive, well organized, clear and more. You give alternative unit options and comp ideas with reasoning as to why. Really helps when considering who I have and what role they might fit in my team. Your weapon guide was equally enlightening as I did not realize grade had any role at all. I’ve turned on the little bell. Don’t want to miss anything. 😂

  • Good guide, will see how I can adapt these tips to my current team.

    I can already see the critphase will be a pain

  • Thanks for the video! Where do you get the "dragon" acc?

  • Thanks man I'll be needing this

  • Been seriously loving the videos, man. Your presentation of the information is masterful, both in conveying important details as well as making it easy to understand for the young global community. I haven't missed a video since a few weeks before the game launched on GL and I'm always eager to hear what you'll talk about next! Thanks for all the effort!

    Good luck to everyone going for early clears, I'll be waiting veeeeery patiently for the right units to come around 🙂

  • Ashlan also has guaranteed crits for him and his row partner on all attacks when at critical HP (though he'll heal out of that if you leave him in the back).

  • Great guide thanks! Hope to clear on day 1 and this will def help

  • Great presentation. Was struggling to decide on a single 4* to invest in and glad I chose Ashlan. This is going to be so much fun! Thanks for the insight and looking forward to moar!! Cheers

  • Absolutely fantastic! Thank you, Shizukatz. I am quite excited~ Gonna wait for an official announcement for the next banner before raising Ashlan/H'aanit.

  • Thank you very much for this! I went heavy on pulls without spending, and have all the 4* units, with only Lucetta and Kurtz being 3.5*. The recommendations help a lot for figuring out who to focus using guidestones on first. I don't think I'll be completing it for a while, as I haven't even attempted Battle-Tested fights yet, but that doesn't bother me as I tend to wait until I'm over prepared before doing things.

  • Great guide! Now, I find it even harder to save my Rubies (I only got 1300+, just started saving), since I'm almost have the perfect team to beat Tikilen! My biggest issue is that, both my Millard and Theo are 4.5 stars, which really means that, unless I pull them as 5 stars (or get damn lucky in Hunts), they won't function as intended.

    The only charas I have been preparing for Tikilen are my A3 Lv.90/90 Gilderoy, A1 87/87 Viola, A1 Lv. 82/86 Scarecrow, A1 Lv. 65/65 Camilla, A0 Lv 60/60 Ashlan, and A0 Lv. 60/60 Mabel. Still a long way to go since I need more Guidestones for the 4 stars.

    I also have my A4 Lv. 92/95 Fiore for a slot filler (only contributing damage while Tiki is Broken), but we'll see once Tikilen comes.

  • Can Devin be a substitute to Gilderoy? I don't have Gilderoy, and considering Devin can provoke all + increase p.def and m.def + Vim and Vigor (self regen), he seemed to do the same job as Gilderoy, at least from my observation…

  • Is Theo still MVP at 4.5?

  • yesss great insight! much appreciated

  • Ramona could be a nice burst healer. she also has the mdef up. but lack ability of reducing shield. I thinking of using viola (ashlan), gilderoy (camila), scarecrow (menno), mabel (ramona). the logic will be mabel and ramona for the augment mdef up, with mabel extended augment, menno for the wind rest boost and regen. gilderoy and camila for camila hp regen, and she can help to break. viola and ashlan for the debuffer and attacker. I don't know hoe well this will work but this is the best I can get….for now. I am tempted to all the way to step 5 for theo scarecrow….for a chance of theo but I think I will persevere to not step up, and saving the gems. thank you for the video

  • Great video! What level should my units be so they’re not dying every other turn?

  • Im definitely gonna use your team comps, switching Therese for Mabel and Scarecrow for Lucetta since i don't have either. I just need to raise Camilla because i only just recently class her up so she's still at 46

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