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There's more regulation on a Uterus than Firearms?… well, this is an interesting take…

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In today’s episode of the Bullet Points, we analyze an article out of Florida which claims “there is more regulation on a uterus than firearms”… This is of course ridiculous and just the latest attempt to demonize guns again… Let’s discuss people!

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  • Maybe she was thinking of a mini gun, with the A10 attached.

  • Its pretty simple, spread your legs, take the morning after pill. OR DONT SPREAD YOUR LEGS!

  • 15 weeks? an people are pissed? wow okay.. da f is wrong with people.

  • she needs to keep her legs closed and her mouth open so she don't need to have an abortion

  • Olivia Solomon is in the university of Florida, and is a non-experienced life person. I'll buy her a ticket 🎟 to Iran.

  • If they were doing a good job at studying writing, they would have used a comma as opposed to more "and" "and" "and".

    Reads more like a 3 yr old trying to cover up a cookie theft then a personal description.

  • COVID-19 Vaccines — A Case of False Advertising

    Now, if the COVID-19 vaccine really isn’t a vaccine, why are they calling it that? While the CDC provides a definition of “vaccine,” the CDC is not the actual law. It’s an agency empowered by the law, but it does not create law itself. Interestingly enough, it’s more difficult to find a legal definition of “vaccine,” but there have been a few cases. Martin provides the following examples:

    Iowa code — “Vaccine means a specially prepared antigen administered to a person for the purpose of providing immunity.” Again, the COVID-19 vaccines make no claim of providing immunity. They are only designed to lessen symptoms if and when you get infected.

    Washington state code — “Vaccine means a preparation of a killed or attenuated living microorganism, or fraction thereof …” Since Moderna and Pfizer are using synthetic RNA, they clearly do not meet this definition.Being a manmade synthetic, the RNA used is not derived from anything that has at one point been alive, be it a whole microorganism or a fraction thereof. The statute continues to specify that a vaccine “upon immunization stimulates immunity that protects us against disease …”

    So, in summary, “vaccine” and “immunity” are well-defined terms that do not match the end points specified in COVID-19 vaccine trials. The primary end point in these trials is: “Prevention of symptomatic COVID-19 disease.” Is that the same as “immunity”? No, it is not.

  • Sorry, I couldn't get through the whole thing.

  • It seems many in college students, are dumber then average trade school student. I will admit I went to traditional college. The only advantage it gave was. Showing I went to college. I learned the work, skills in high school. The advanced training I had to pay for, attend myself. (Or after a while get paid to attend, got room, board reimbursed and travel…)
    College was fun at times. Laughing at professors that now are taken seriously.

  • Nullifying roe vs wade does not eliminate abortion. Abortion goes back to the states where it belongs. Not a constitutional issue.

  • The second amendment is a right not a choice.

  • If you're not responsible enough to take care of a baby then don't have sex.

  • Do a back ground check before having a abortion.

  • I believe that it was Ronald Regan who said
    " The only people who are for abortion are those who have already been born " Wise man he was . He had a nack for cutting through the crap and getting to the meat of it.

  • They're going to be even more pissed now. The Supreme Court just overturned Roe vs Wade. Let the leftist tears flow!

  • I would love to see someone shoot a rabbit with a uterus. A democrat would probably try!

  • Do you ever wonder what happened to all the "participant award" winners that were once cheldren……welcome to 2022

  • THERE ARE OVER 20,000 STATE gun laws ,, A 14 YR OLD GIRL can get an abortion without parental consent !!!!

  • Hearing that almost gave me a headache. I was surrounded by those idiotic type at a university way back in 1985-1987. I don’t remember hearing anything about guns back then but the same monotonous, boring, arrogant, angry, stupid leftist spirit permeated the campus. I didn’t pay much attention at what they were angry about or who or what was the focus of their wrath. Maybe it was Christians…pro-lifers…GD…?

  • Thank you for the info and explanation

  • This woman sounds like a millennial whose generation has been brainwashed into thinking firearms are evil. She doesn't realize that owning a firearm is a Constitutional right and her ability to use her lady parts when she pleases are not a Constitutional right. She is a poster child for forced sterilization unless she gets a background check , a tax stamp from the NFA and has to endure a waiting period before she can copulate. And did you ever notice that women that have this way of thinking are women you wouldn't want to have sex with in the first place?

  • I'm pro choice, but this article is complete nonsense. Guns are WAY more regulated then abortion.

  • Someone should tell the dimwit that abortions kill more babies than guns could ever per year

  • Arguing with these people is like arguing with a septic tank.

  • What was the topic again? Listening to that article was like trying to follow clueless Joe's speech…

  • And one thing to mention that in the state of Washington abortions can be taxpayer funded

  • I’d like to see where in the constitution it says that!!!!! I can show where gun rights exist

  • I'm all for getting rid of any regulation on either. 🤷‍♂️

  • If I had to guess, the author of that "opinion piece" likely also spends time spouting off about "toxic masculinity" and bemoaning the fact that there are no "real" men at the same time.

  • Though this topic is not common for your channel. It is still informative to other issues, that people will tie guns to. And the way the opposition thinks at times. Keep up the great work. Been watching for almost a year now. Just started commenting. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • J B

    I do believe the constitution guaranties a right to LIFE liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every person, inside or outside of the uterus.

  • She’s got to be a blast at parties

  • She should submit an application to SALON since she is clearly on the same level of journalist professionalism.

  • Wow… she’s has issues. The other disturbing part of it is that young folks these days have no idea what is truly going on. They’re bandwagoneers. I know that’s a tactic of the left but it’s sad that these kids don’t have enough sense to think for themselves.

  • With leftist it’s always about control. If she is for bodily autonomy but I’ll bet she’s for vaccine mandates.

  • Just wow………a tad bit loony?????

  • An important concept to remember is that should you choose to exercise a right, you will not always have the ability to choose the consequence. She has the right to choose. If she and her partner choose to have sex, a possible consequence for both of them is pregnancy. They had their choice, at the point that there is a pregnancy, that fetus has the same rights as they do and should be considered, granted a voice, and protected (my opinion and barring any circumstance where their choice was taken from them). Personally I don't want abortion to be against the law, I can see instances where it may be necessary. However, abortion should be incredibly rare, performed very early in the pregnancy, and only used when individual circumstances dictate. The same is true for speech. You may say whatever you want to, however, should you use your speech to harm others, you should be held responsible for the result of that speech. It's true for the Second Amendment. If I choose to carry a weapon, my responsibility starts from when I pick it up, includes anything that I use it for while I carry it, until I properly put it away or transfer it to another responsible person. In short, what is missing from our society is RESPONSIBILITLY. Everyone MUST BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for their actions or inactions and face the potential consequences that naturally occur or that our society lawfully decides is required of them.

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