Friday, June 9, 2023

The Matrix Ending Explained: A Guide to Freeing Your Mind

Get a full month of MUBI FOR FREE: (With the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union) | The Matrix is far more than a sci-fi action classic – it’s a practical guide to freeing your mind and fulfilling your potential, to becoming “The One” yourself. The Wachowskis ground-breaker – now celebrating its 20th anniversary – shows us how to follow the 7 steps of Neo’s journey to Enlightenment. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon:

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  • Get a full month of MUBI FOR FREE: (With the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union)
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  • What is fantastic analysis. Thank you so interesting

  • only got interested in The Matrix movie when I went through this spiritual journey

  • Jesus Christ is the truth they make this movie based on the bible

  • A lot of people won't understand this movie, but if you open up your 3rd eye you'll understand this is spiritual and mental conception unfolded from the Bible.

  • We are are all sheeps and zombies to what this world is feeding us….READ AND EDUCATE YOURSELF…WAKE UP!!!!

  • He's not woke yet. Geddit? 😉🤣😂😂😂💯

  • Own opinion I think Adam chose a blue pill .

  • The true solution to the Matrix Movie is for Neo to tell Morpheus to screw off and walk away… The blue pill is the common narrative and the red pill is counter-intelligence. Both are controlled by the Architect. "illuminati" controls both culture and counterculture, good and bad, Pathocratic and virtuous, psychopathic and non-psychopathic, both sides of secret societies.

    The only solution is to accept that the Matrix is there but you don't need anyone to actually free you. You think for yourself and create your own reality and magic. The Matrix and Sion(real world) are both fictional stories created by various elements of intelligence and control. Weather bones, or CIA, or Counter-culture psyops…. it's all a work of fiction and a giant puzzle. Their are elements of truth within it. But ultimately freedom comes not from relying on a pill or someone to enlighten you… it's freeing yourself. The entire thing is a puzzle and everyone is just playing the game…. i'm not playing anymore. I have the conclusion… it was fun. It helped me become a better person and Ironically I'm going to thank the creator. But I am now free.

  • If we're not in a matrix, humans soon will be

  • This is all nonsense. There is no good and evil, right and wrong. We all are animals muddling through from birth to death, fooling ourselves that there is some « truth » out there.

  • This movie and a lot of others shows how deep of an understanding and awareness of what is to come. The Evil of Hollywood knows of what’s coming and has to in many ways not just movies- tell us what they are doing and allow the truth to be found if our hearts are pure enough and if we truly want to find the truth. They have the deepest understanding of humanity and history than any normal person could know because the top of the top has the access to all the secret literature that 99% of humans were allowed to see or know- so they could reveal truths we would never know hear and there or find it with deep research of way too many books, but if you wonder to much about evil and you read to find some of the rules of good and evil you could end up opening up evil to yourself and self sabotage yourself in a quest searching for truth. Search for the truth and you will find it if your pure in heart – if not you will be lying to yourself about how good of a person you are just like 90% of the population. If you can’t self reflect and be aware of what things you still need to change – then your not capable and never will be.

  • The oracle told him he was the one she said you have the gift but you’re waiting on something your next life maybe so when he dies at the end he becomes the one

  • the second last book i aquired from a random book in a box on the the front vergre of a a city block was the book Vital Breath of the Dao Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong aster Zhongxian Wu which is something i must obtain its practices . the last book i obtained was in my elevater in my building which was a fast prestige Cars i opened it up on page 101 it is the car Amg Brightest Spark and this is the answer i recieved from the Universe it says
    "for a brand Built around the Thunder and Emotion of Internal Combustion, Moving to an Electrified Future Represents a Monumental Challenge for Amg ,So Who''ll Lead this Transformation? and How "" my Guardian angels have always given me some sort of Sign to let me know i Have Victory and my own Understanding" Truely one of the most incredible journeys that i chose of a project into why i am here emotional thankyou Lets bring this Planet Together with Purpose Fun,Love and together we will create this life together Amen God Bless😇😊

  • The Matrix is THE guidebook to freeing yourself from "the matrix"

  • We are all the ones in our own Matrix of our own making.

  • The Matrix was a documentary.
    Those who know, know!

  • Yup like in wachouskis 20 years ago were men Now THIER free and THIER lady's reconstruction with penises.LMAO THIER MOVIE NAMES THE SICCO TWINS

  • My awakening must have been Animatrix Beyond, the dove scene, nirvana.

  • Well the agents came but Morpheus never did, boo hoo, I feel abandoned

  • Excellent decode. The Matrix Trilogy will probably always be at the top of my favourite movies. I still like to watch them from time to time.

  • Lost me at "dry, philosophical ideas" lol

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