Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Difference Between GOOD and BAD LANING – League of Legends

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  • Yeah i thought low elo was easy to carry until i switched to silver eune. Diamond eune is easier than fucking silver

  • need to see a jayce vs tahm in the top lane for a real counter match up

  • Y’all do all this talk BUT I want to see you play a melee top laner against Quinn

  • funny how he compares the 2 challenger games and only talks about the sups…The lost matchup was against a Caitlyn instead of Twitch, which makes a huge difference in the lane

  • i dont agree with the analysis on CoreJJ, he messed up by not helping trim the caster minions and he missed his first harass, hence they were behind in minions, forcing them to accept poke in order to catchup in and then beat them to lvl 2… this happens so often with Cait+ most supports who trim down the wave… this scenario is often the most frustrating whereby the support assists in trimming the wave so the ADC can either rush lvl 2 faster or get off "free" harass, check lux first E is on the caster minions. Also while trading they both pushed too far up for unnecessary zoning attracting free minion aggro from Cait's caster minions onto jinx every time jinx and cait trade. i would put this down to Core playing too deep and getting tunnel vision on harass

  • most prob 8/10 gold supports

  • After watching these replays it’s no wonder that we are losing to china in literacy rate

  • I'd say matchups only matter if melee champs are involved. I played both sides of for example Sett vs Janna, when Sett support was meta and I won every lane as Janna and lost every lane as Sett. I'd love to see a video on a matchup like this. I've never felt like the matchup was the problem, when I played ranged vs ranged support.

  • I'm still trying to figure out how 51% is a losing matchup.

  • 1:52 sawing????? Isnt it showing? Or im just confused now

  • i mean yeah counter matchups dont matter too much if you play vs people with less than 5games xp. but if for example you play kaisa + some short range support vs lux youre not gonna have a fun time as long as the lux doesnt stay afk in bush like a bronze. just the range difference is such a big boon to make an adcs life hard.

  • The Gold Lulu didn't auto the wave because low ELO ADC's have a tendency to bitch and complain when their supports even so much as sneeze on the wave.

  • Okay but can you tell me how i am supposed to win against a jax when playing yasuo…

  • Singed needs a buff or a new skin I don't think I've ever seen anyone play singed that much when I play singed it's just impossibe do anything in lane because any top laner just out trades him and its just not possible to proxy farm like riot really doesn't care about the not so popular legends when is the last time skarner got a skin

  • Stuff like this is why I play crazy aggressive as a sup. To my detriment; but at least I try lol

  • I have a question, my friend said that pushing first is idiotic and we should just step back, let them push first. Is he correct, though I'm pretty sure that you should push first, take spaces, secure lv2 or do cheater recall(FYI he's a mid main and sometimes plays adc and he usually tells me this when he's playing adc)

  • "I want to show just how useless supports are in this Elo"

    ADC player who is in the same Elo and probably just as bad as their support:

    Yeah, see? My supports are holding me back! 4head.

  • The absolute egos from the [should-be] Iron rat-dogs in the comments are at first amusing but increasingly sad, as they are pondered. We have people arguing semantics, arguing with literal mathematics, and in outright denial of their own piss-poor gameplay [standards]. Let's address some of them here: first, if you (or your lane-partner) get irrationally "tilted" at being pinged for instruction within the game, then uninstall League of Legends because the community suffers at the hands of players like this and we do not need (nor want) you; secondly, for those people asking about Top and Mid matchups, it is all about creating a game-plan (example 1: Jayce versus Tahm Kench or Mundo requires Jayce to abuse his range advantage early on to get a level lead, gain wave-control, crash large waves, and avoid ganks by the jungler; example 2: Teemo versus Casseopeia requires Teemo to let the wave push into him, thin the wave, bait out and properly space her Noxious Poison, setup ganks for his jungler, and look for early all-ins while she is low on mana [notwithstanding the fact that he'll be primarily a split-pushing threat and she will want to teamfight]); thirdly, the numbers used in the video are not the cause of Lux countering Lulu, they are simply one tangible, numerical result (the real reason is mentioned in the video: Lux outranges Lulu and out-damages her [provided spells are correctly hit]; fourthly, and most importantly: FUNDAMENTALS, FUNDAMENTALS, FUNDAMENTALS— all champions in the game follow basic fundamentals of gameplay and it is about utilizing these in order to win all matchups, never go into a matchup just hoping to "survive," you must look for how to win it—this is why Skill Capped says matchups do not matter, if you're playing the matchup properly and your opponent is not then you will win the matchup, which thereby increases your chances of winning/carrying the game.

  • You can't just say its counter when it's an above 50% winrate for lulu

  • Well unfortunately you took a really bad example by picking Lulu, a support that is always useful.
    I agree that there is pretty much no excuse to lose a matchup in low elo but c'mon it's so much easier to be able to play the game if you play ranged champs and you are not in a solo lane.
    Top is most commonly the lane were you have unplayable situations depending on the matchups or the jungler

  • i think matchups matter way more in top and midlane since there you actually lane 1v1 and also there can be way harder matchups where you egt outscaled aswell. Think Annie vs Kassadin or Fiora vs Yasuo or smth

  • Hello, we want videos for wild rift please

  • I agree with the people who say this matchup doesn't really feel like a counter matchup, and more like a skill matchup where one side wins with perfect play. Show us a toplane matchup like jayce vs tahm kench/mundo or teemo vs cassiopeia where one side of the matchup is unbelievably punishing to play because it feels like if you mess up a little, your lane is over, while if they waste spells, you can't punish effectively.

    What you've demonstrated here is that skill matchups which favor one side are winnable in low elo… which I don't think anyone disagrees with.

    But to say that matchups don't matter in low elo, you should show us matchups which seem almost completely unplayable to us.

  • Yasuo is the best support ever even his teammate is forced to dodge

  • If you consider both examples the ONLY difference in the laning situation is Caitlyn. Caitlyn's range tips things wildly out of comparison and it is my strong belief that it is the reason the lane went the way it did in CoreJJ's example. Yes, Caitlyn did not get any amount of crazy auto damage on CoreJJ, but that is because CoreJJ and his ADC were forced to play in a matter that prevented it. That in and of itself is enough to either force mistakes or force a position of play that actually prevents gaining the advantage that the Jinx/Lulu against Twitch/Lux had obtained.

  • 5:37 why didn't lux stop their recall? In my gold games people chase me all the way to my third Bush before they let me recall

  • Hectors voice is so soothing at this point

  • half support players are boosted by their champion, the other half are really boosted haha

  • Oh man I've met adcs so bad that they didn't get any items 30 mins in game and when I asked why they said they get the full made boots and the mithic at the same time.
    And then I felt like ahh that sucks.

  • wow, cor-jj example was really bad…. giving the opponent is cait and lux, 2 of the most range champ vs a mid range jinx and lulu.
    Also this is the 2nd time i've seen high elo player saying our match up doesn't matter, it matter to us who plays at the same skill lvl, we might not take advantage of the other minor details, zoning lvl 2 etc, but this doesn't mean we cannot learn from our mistake, experience, and skill cap matters. While for you high elo players these are the most basic you can learn, remember there's a reason why there are ranks, some of us hit our skill celling, or careless. Not everyone who plays basketball wants to be a NBA star.

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