Friday, January 27, 2023

The Complete Beginner Guide to Age of Empires 4

The complete beginner guide to help you get started with Age of Empires 4!

0:33 Picking a civilization
1:20 The start
2:40 Scouting for sheep, and food priorities
4:15 Advancing to Feudal age
5:40 Types of units
6:45 Market
7:15 Defenses
7:45 Rams
8:30 Building a strong economy
9:26 Hotkeys (F1 and F2)
9:57 What’s unlocked in Castle Age?
11:02 Siege workshop and its units
11:50 What’s unlocked in Imperial Age?
12:50 Victory conditions
13:28 Water units



Background music from Epidemic Sound:

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