Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The ABCs and 123s of Nervous System Regulation

I am always talking about the basics of nervous system health and healing. I am always teaching these basics in my monthly drop-in classes and throughout my online programs. My students practice them relentlessly, make them part of their daily lives, and from here their capacity (their nervous system and somatic capacity) grows. THIS is what creates the space for the old survival stresses (aka: stored trauma) to bubble up and heal. I call these basics the ABCs and 123s. This week’s vlog outlines what these basics are.

Resources I mention during this video:

►A simple analogy for nervous system healing

►Why non dumbed down nervous system education is essential

►Functional Freeze Explained.


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  • i dont think thers that much wrong with thinking how we're feeling or pausing to connect to the body or body sensations, as interoception refers to also being aware of body and internal sensations, and integrating it with the mental or cognitive so at times it might need to be thought of, or paused to connect to it, or described or starte with it while with a safe person to unpack the entirey of the feeling or sensation…………….

  • Hello Iren. Thanks a lot for all the videos. Could you please talk about tinnitus stress and brain 🙏🙏🙏 thanks.

  • Brilliant! So well spoken. You are an inspiring teacher and truly gifted person✨

  • Can I work with you or anyone on your team 1:1?

  • This is so unbelievably mind blowing and eye opening. I know these things, but your way of presenting here is helping me acknowledge and sum up my deficiencies/problems/shortcomings etc in such a precise, easy an to the point way that even my doctor/psychologist has to understand it now 🤔 😂💖✨🍀

    Humor aside. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, again! 💖

    PS. It also helped me acknowledge alot of strengths and progress already made 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    PS. 2.
    Social engagement. I've had this down always. This even though I'm actually an introvert ⬅️ I'm so sociable that no one believes me when I claim to be a introvert, but oh, I am! This has pussled me for a while. I think it's a part of my learned survival strategies. It could be, couldn't it?

    Also a funny story. Or not 🙃. My employees, before i got ill, also put me in a more red kind of leadership while all my tests show a pretty even range between red, blue, only a tad yellow, and green with the green being the accent one 🤔 My childhood really did a number on me I think 😁🙃😅

  • So good and so helpful! Thank you Irene!!

  • Thank you again for all you do Irene…I am a completely different person inside of my body & mind because of you 💗🙏💗

  • Hello, I hope someone can help me solve this question. I watched the 3-part webinar on healing trauma, and I've been consuming a lot of Irene's content, I still have this question: what would be a proper flow between adaptive responses of fight and flight, freezing and being able to enter ventral mode? That is to say, before I tried to stay exclusively in ventral mode, now I understand that adaptive responses are necessary and even then I don't know how long to stay in them, or if it is necessary to go through both to "get out" the stress, or if there is a signal to know that they have fulfilled their function that I should be aware of in my sensations?

    Infinite thanks for all the content

  • Maybe someone from Irene Lyon's team could answer me.
    I absolutely hate when someone (whether it's someone in a store where I go shopping or even my mother) says to me "Are you doing well ?" because on the one hand I find it completely hypocritical and secondly it reminds me of when I was sick in bed 24 hours a day for years when no one helped me and nurses who were not concerned about my fate asked me if I was doing well out of habit when they had absolutely nothing to do with me. Sick for more than 21 years, I fought alone to get better, I learned about nutrition, autoimmune and neurological diseases etc.
    I have a trauma from that time when I was just dying without anyone's help. But I also wonder if I don't blame myself for answering "yes" to this stupid question just to be polite because you have to be polite in society in theory. I feel like I'm not listening to myself. I wish I could not answer and don't care about people. Thanks.

  • I was retraining and experienced a day of bliss earlier this week – no symptoms, it was magic. My nervous system then crashed and I’ve been stuck in really bad fight or flight for the last three days. Noises and thoughts send me into a spiral and I’m experiencing insomnia. It’s so intense that I’ve wondered if I need medication.. Does it get worse before it gets better? How can I retrain safely…

  • WOW! This makes sense!
    Thank you 😊

  • Could you make a video about the 'diaphragms' and the emotions and sensations that get stuck there?

  • What are your thoughts on using mindfulness meditation to connect back to the body and the present moment? It helps me reconnect to what my body is feeling and get out of my head.

  • thank you so much great video

  • What if you cannot sleep at night, even if you are orienting and self regulating. Sleep has not returned

  • This is such an important teaching!! The basic practices that help to regulate and heal the nervous system.

    I just watched it at a moment that I felt very down and disconnected to myself. (I notice I go frequently up and down today: from down the ladder to up and back down again)

    I got lost in my mind, thinking about what to do, desperately searching for the tools I could use to get out of the freeze mode. Feeling like a failure for not being able to help myself despite of all that I have learned the last months.

    And than I got a message from YouTube with the suggestion to watch this video.
    I do not believe in coincidence and I instantly felt I had to press the play-button.

    Am I glad I did!! By listening to you, speaking about the basic steps I felt a release and I participated directly when you mentioned the B and C. Só simple and yet so out of reach for me in the state I was in.

    It helped me to listen to you and simultaneously act on what you said. I touched my hands and my legs while you spoke about the importance of touching myself.
    I looked around to the plants and beautiful flowers in my living room while you talked about connecting to the environment outside me. It helped me right away to get out of my head.

    I notice that I long for a community where I can connect with other people who are practicing and are on this healing journey. To co-regulate, to exchange experiences, to reach out for support or give support.

    But for now I feel grateful for this teaching and will write down the 'simple' steps on a card that I can carry with me. So I can grab it the moment I notice I am down the ladder and need a reminder on what I can do.

    Thank you (again 😉 🙏🏼🥰🙏🏼
    The Netherlands

  • This woman is brilliant. I’ve said it before and always learn from her. I’m 68, and I’ve looked at many of the experts on these subjects as I have my own journey of recovering from Anxiety and stored trauma’s. She is one of the best….
    Because she has been schooled by the best.
    She has taught me how important it is to engage in somatic integration for
    for wellness and recovery. She is SO comprehensive when she teaches. I love this language of “ building capacity. This is also another great message in anxiety recovery. It all comes together for wholeness.
    It’s also worth mentioning that I am a senior woman on a low fixed income. I have to watch my $ and do my best to pay my own way.
    I am sure I am not alone in this challenge.
    So….. reputable and expert Therapists are out of reach for me. Yes, if course, it would be great to be able to find face to face specialist, but I hope she knows how much her expertise is appreciated fir me, and I trust her work.
    I feel grateful to her that she has these videos for me to learn at no cost.
    Thank you Irene,🌹for being here.

  • I would like to hear your perspective on being tired & resting when being in freeze a lot of the time vs resting in a way of integrating and actually resting the ns. I wonder about this because I am dealing with fatique but a lot of freeze as well. It should be important to actually rest but as well move the survival energy out of my system?

  • I appreciate your efforts to define and give examples of these terms which are indeed a foreign language. Books and articles and therapists repeat the terms as if saying them louder and more frequently will help us understand. Resources, capacity, connection, regulation, – these English words do not convey the somatic concepts clearly. It’s like trying to explain how to ride a bike by telling someone to find the balance. But on a bicycle, one often has to do the opposite of what one does on foot to maintain balance. So kids fall a lot while learning because they don’t get the concept of balance until they actually do it themselves by trial and error. This video helped with some of the concepts. Additional concrete examples would be appreciated.

  • Is it normal that as I have been more grounded and connected to my body, now I feel my heartbeat in my stomach/solar plexus area all of the time and it's like my anxiety is rising?

  • This is pure gold. Thank you 💐

  • Wow! A, b and c, and 1 and 2 I’m okay with, but 3 resources sent me down a rabbit trail! Resources yes, I have been giving plenty by others, but to know why I need them on an emotional level…. Nobody ever explained that! With the new idea that they help me feel calm, connected and regulated, I can sit down and figure out what works for me. I just spent 10 minutes coming up with resources that I think would replace cigarette smoking.
    Thanks Irene!

  • my biggest problem with trying to relate to others is
    they can't comprehend the difference between
    felt sense and concepts

  • Why can't I not stop the anxiety emotion when I have it ..when there is no lion around me…

  • Thank you. I feel you.

    Learning a new language for my NS to be my ally in adulthood. 💖😃✨🦋✅

  • Thank you very much Irene! <3 Unfortunately there is no video to find posted below this video as you mentioned 🙁

  • Thanks for your help, this is very important for me at the moment where I am trying to learn how to regulate my nervous system.

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