Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Self Regulation β”‚ Part 4 of The Emotional Intelligence Series

This is part 4 of The Emotional Intelligence Series.
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As a child, we learn how to horn in our self-regulation through our parents, teachers and peers. Self-regulation is the ability to manage your emotions and behaviour by the demands of the situation.

A vital system to keep ourselves balanced, other words, we don’t want to resort out of anger all the time. Instead, we would want to be calm when handling a difficult situation.

When referring to Emotional Intelligence, we don’t often have the break down of the key components. Hence, why this series is created! My goal is to spread self and social awareness to a world that’s distorted with mass media telling us how we should act and what success looks like, which leaves a number of us lost and anxious. ,
Life is all about you understanding yourself, which in turns leads self care and self love. Being patient and forgiving to oneself. to a more compassionate and loving life.

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