Saturday, February 4, 2023

Quick Parallel Guides for your Track Saw – Simple & Accurate

Learn how to make a set of parallel guides for your track saw to increase speed and accuracy when doing rip cuts! These guides are quick, easy and inexpensive to make but provide a lot of accuracy.

Track saws are great tools for breaking down sheet goods into finished parts. To maximize speed and efficiency when making rip cuts it’s best to use parallel guides. Parallel guides allow you to make repeatable cuts of exactly the same width and avoid having to measure and mark for each cut. I designed these guides to be quick, simple and inexpensive to make but be very accurate. They use a setting jig which guarantees that both guides are set exactly the same to give a parallel cut, which is the whole point. They only cost a couple of dollars to make and I’ve found them super useful. This video explains how to make and use these guides so you can build a set for your own track saw.

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