Monday, June 5, 2023

Predicting Price in Cryptocurrency Day Trading for Beginners | Order Book | Video 2 of 3

Predicting Price in Cryptocurrency Day Trading for Complete Beginners | Order Book | Video 2 of 3

Want to predict price in Cryptocurrency? Then you need to know what actually moves the market. In this video, we will explore what actually moves price and how to think about the basic principles that most people miss.


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  • Why encourage people to lose money haha, I lost enough money and am still losing money but now while paper trading. Surely you should first learn how to be profitable paper trading, then trade with small amounts of real money and then use more money. Skipping those first 2 steps seems irrational.

  • Thank you! Generally, my English is not good enough yet. But When you restrict the market by the word "room" it all was clear to me 😁

  • excellent video!!!!thank you.

  • Thank you for this!!
    I have one question. Does the tape show the results of limit order rather than market order?

  • Firstly, thanks for the info 🙂

    Can I ask you, how can I use in TradingView the candlesticks like yours on 12:06 which refers the trading volume ? And If i'm not wrong, you were also using a indicator which shows volume based resist and support levels on the right of the screen. I also would like to know, how can I use that in TradingView.

    I couldn't find the name's of those indicators.

  • Ten months ago i decided to invest my savings thinking that i might make some profit, but unfortunately i lost 82% of my money. I've watched alot of videos , but nothing helped me. I can clearly recognize that this video is made with good intentions. Thank you for this!

  • Would you be so kind to reply to my question.
    I am looking for a  tool which will place bids for me automatically as a maker at the highiest possible price in the order book (so my order will have a chance to be filled first there without being market taker)

    And if a price e.g. of btc increases (without executing my order) that tool place the highiest bid as maker quickly and automatically until reaches my set limit. So I do not need to do that manually.
    Can you please advice me please.
    I would really appreciate that.

  • cold hard truth… what people need…

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