Friday, January 27, 2023

Paladin Leveling Build Guide: Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 update patch paladin leveling build guide and gameplay for the upcoming ladder.

Ladder start date: April 28

Maxroll link:


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Executive producers: Kiskaloo, Zaeith

Special thanks: John Dwyer,
Joshua Dotson,
Nazgren, Arcthorin,
Lamer of Sweden
, Neme5i5,
Nicholas Lautner
, Remiehneppo,
Tony Duran,
Valentine Judnich,

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  • So it is a must to get the crystal sword from the cow level, no exceptions?

  • Why won’t my sceptres transmute?

  • horrible advice with points into energy – super easy to use gear for that

  • Great guide but I’m still not sure what the staff of teleportation really is used for. On Maxroll, it just says equip it and then nothing else? What good is a limited use staff (that often costs an arm and a leg?

  • I luv you men until math kicks in

  • How the heck do i kill wave 2 at baal with this build? The website isn't clear. Just says to lure away but kill with what… merc?

  • @8:35 I went from feeling like I was Op, to I hate my life. I really don't need people defending the build in autistic detail , or any nerd advocates. This build is not fun to play personally. I would recommend trying this build at end game before you start NG. That way you can respec soon after if you don't like it.

  • That is all false when u start, this is a horrible guid

  • Rhykker ; I reallt need to know what a Orek Shield is ? is it a reg white Targe ?

  • 10/10 what i was looking for TY

  • I don’t understand why I can’t add 3 chipped gems on my sceptre in the cube tho if anyone can help me out

  • what attribute points and skill points put into for level 14 and 15?

  • What if you take the 1-20 guide and move into Hdin gradually while keeping the fire. I feel like it's insanely viable through normal and NM

  • Stop! ….HAMMER TIME! (u can't touch this – soundtrack)

  • Hello
    Im sorry for this stupid question
    But i didnt get the 12 base points higher than active skill level. Can you simplify it more or give a simple example?
    Thank you

  • I cant craft the scepter. I put in three lvl 1 gems of same type with non magic scepter into the cube and the nothing happens when I hit transmute. What am I missing?

  • wait.. I am pretty sure the crystal sword can get 6 socket if you use the socket quest…

  • Great guide, but you forgot to mention the repair costs if you use a teleport staff on weapon swap. 50,000 is a lot at level 25 lol

  • My scepters dont reroll in the cube with 3 chipped gems…..any idea why?

  • Idk how much credit people gives you but I just wanna say thank you so much your guides have helped me tremendously don't think I coulda gotten as far as I have so thank you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • I appreciated the Brian Regan joke about the staves

  • Wow was following the guide and put the tal and eth runes into my chest piece and it crashed my PC lol, pc doesn't crash very often but dang it didn't like that

  • RaZ

    I can never find the EL rune lmao wasted hours

  • the chipped gem rerolls doesn't work for me

  • 10 points in Str makes it 35 not 34 for me… did they raised the base str by 1? i double checked everything ive got on me and still the base is 25 o.O

  • what is the point o blessed aim in this build? its mentioned as a skill but never the reason. Also I feel like the build resets way to early, I went from a easy coast to hell on earth from the reset.

  • Incredibly high level content bro. Been playing since 2000s, really informative stuff.

  • @Rhykker I doubt anyone would screw this up, but at 13:56 you say tal, thul, ort and "UM"… maybe edit for "AMN'? idk…

  • Stupid question. Where does the +hammer scepter come into play in the late game? If the ruin word sword is the main wep till late game.

  • Can't you get a 4 socket paladin shield from normal cows too ? Or does 4 sockets not unlock on that at the same time ?

  • hey thanks, what is best way ? i think about : holy fire act 1 to 5 norm then foh nm to act 3 hell, then hammerdin ? I feel like it's easier from act 3 to 5 hell with hammerdin (with low stuff ofc) i play hc 🙂

  • This is all bulshet.
    Just prepare your Zeal by hitting one point to Sacrafice on 2 lvl. After that hit one point to Might aura – preparing for Holy fire.
    At lvl 6 – you start to put skills ONLY TO HOLY FIRE TILL YOU MAX IT OUT. You need the RANGE of the aura – the most.
    The extra points goes to Resist Fire.
    You are looking for Blue/Yellow/Socketed Scepter with +++ Holy Fire skill.
    Any Blue/Yellow shield with +++ resistence and 2-3 sockets, which you put Ruby, Saphir, Topaz there.
    Tal+Eth Armor and Nef+Tir helmet – later into Orth+Sol.
    Rings – Yellow/Blue – Resists + Str/Dex stats. Amulet ++ to Paladin skills, Str/Dext stats, resistence, attack/cast speed.
    You dont re-skill till Nightmare Act 4, where you should be 55+ if you kill everything walking around and having some more fun without any guides and builds.
    Then – reskill into Fist of Heavens, after you prepare 4 socket Crystal sword (Spirit) and 4 socket Paldin shield (spirit).
    Move to Hell and start farming act1 and act2 till you have better gear.

  • Great video and great guide! But I encountered a problem with the horadic cube when Im about to transmute. I place a scepter and three gems and when im about to hit transmute nothing happens. I tested putting two arrows and it worked because I got bolts. I dont know what to do honestly.

  • But, but, Holy Shield and max block? For a beginner it’s a lot of help.

  • NOt to rain on your parade but.I really disagree with that path… my big priority on ladder will be holy fire to lvl not zeal. (HOly fire, resist fire…synergies max out etc)

    1-8 den of evil/traversing to outer cloister wp. 8-13 tamoe highlands… 13-17 ish pit /tamoe highlands, 17 – 20 clear andy/a2. 21-23 clear act 3 questlines and work travincal runs to cap off 24/25 if need be. then clear diablo/izzy/act 5 ancients/anya roll some sheink eld pindle runs to 30 or so(maybe 33 or so).

    Respec to foh at 30 or so is a valid enough option as is hdin . I will be doing the foh build early to see how improved it might be for demon/undead clearing.
    (max holy bolt > grab 1 in conviction >max foh > max conviction> max holy lightning synergy remainder into holy shield end game)

    Early game gear that is notably worth your time… spirit swords if you can find a 4os crystal sword… spirit pala shield when you find one with decent resists and 4os. ort sol helm 1 skiller unless u find tarn helm. 3 to fist of heaven weapon with +1 – +2 pala skills could be a great find…. armor = tal and eth for run speed. silks of the victor… culwens point even. … mage fist/frosties…. soj absolutely but gfl on soj in normal. Nagels absolutely… eye of etlich = 1 skills at lvl 15 …

    Although if i play with a sorc i may just prioritize conviction aura rather then hb or foh.

    hdin builds can be cookie cutter but the problem is lag/positioning.


  • ew.. who puts points into energy.. ditch that. Get a steel scimitar, you'll refund all your mana per kill

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