Friday, February 3, 2023

NFTs: The Future of Toys | Cryptoys + Mattel Metaverse! | CEO interview

Mattel, the toymaker behind plastic classics like Barbie and Hot Wheels announced it’s partnering with the NFT platform “Cryptoys” to create playable, customizable NFTs. Mattel will sell its toys as NFTs which can then be used on the Flow Blockchain. On the platform, users can personalize their avatars and eventually create their own custom-made games. These characters will reportedly grow and adapt over time, much the same way as an early 2000’s Neopet.

Guest: Will Weinraub – Co-Founder & CEO, OnChain Studios
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00:00 intro
00:49 Cryptoys
03:45 Toy Companies
04:57 Mattel Partnership
05:22 Masters of The Universe
10:07 Digital Toy Gameplay
14:23 Barbie & Hot Wheels
15:24 Flow Blockchain
19:04 Gameplay & Unboxing
23:32 Mainstream Adoption
27:37 Proof of Ownership
32:32 Gamers vs. NFTs
36:16 outro

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~NFTs: The Future of Toys | Cryptoys + Mattel Metaverse! | CEO interview~
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