Friday, June 2, 2023

Necromancer Leveling Build Guide: Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 update patch necromancer leveling build guide and gameplay for the upcoming ladder.

Ladder start date: April 28

Maxroll link:


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Executive producers: Kiskaloo, Zaeith

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, Neme5i5,
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  • Idk if everyone is aware but in the tower you always go to your characters left

  • Che

    what am i missing? ormus doesnt sell non magical bone wands/weapons for me.

  • Bone spear and corps explosion drain my mana in no time 🙁

  • Guide like this but for summoning?

  • Wow great set up from normal to nightmare I myself have been a long time fan of d2 since the beginning but this covers a lot in necromancer which is by far my favorite class of all but wow I'm amazed tbh. I play offline on PS4 but this covers so much of what you said rhykker I'll look forward to more

  • man, normal duriel was a bitch with just +5 bone spear at level 21 – even with ancients shield. 1-shot my blood golem and walls so quickly I couldn't get iron maiden to be effective, had to portal in and out just bone spearing and regrouping with potions.

  • Im constantly empty on mana with this build.

  • I was wondering if i did something wrong when i didn’t got any stones from the countess after trying on an online pre-dlc, offline pre-dlc and offline dlc character just to discover that dlc was needed for these stones. Smh 🤦‍♂️… atleast i can start the grind for those stones.

  • Found a blue wand with level 9 teeth (127 charges), only require lv. 7 on all classes and can be used at lv. 1 on necro lol, it has served me very well. Just rolled myself a necro, plan to go psn nova later on, just hit 35 and made my +8 bone spear white wand.

  • I'm glad this video only show the newbies the hard builds first xD

    I never like to bottom smash. I always prefer playing smart.

    I love my army of dead.
    Just like engineer from TF2, I just chill on my coconut self building chair and let my minions mowed down everything.

    I don't really care about ladder or season. I just want to experience Diablo 2 lod before I move on to Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. And perhaps Diablo 4.

    After seeing all the D2 Resurrected hypes, I dust off my D2 Lord of Destruction cd after 20 years and start playing again with Blizzard latest update. This save me $40 from the remake.

    Now I just have to wait for the auto gold pickup on the test server and I'm all set.

    I'm currently lvl 9 with 6 minions. I always check Akira store for the +3 wand on Skeleton warrior. I got a sweet deal for 6k gold.

    I used to make build back in the day with Guild Wars.

    I remember I made 2 famous builds. A Necromancer with +11 minions with ranger sub build for passive heal to keep my minions in a immortal state. The wand with 50% chance to add an extra summon was a game changer.
    i got from a deal which I had fun haggled around a beautiful beach.

    My summoner pretty much replaced the nukers.

    It's funny everyone was looking down on the Necromancer and prefer a nuker for farming run. That was before Arena net add bots as team members because real players was bad. They all want to do their own things.

    The other build was from a Mesmer, it kill any players that touch my character in the arena, including the healer on my team.
    Oh, the blood sacrifice build was even amazing.
    In guild battle, I sacrifice 90% of my health to a team healer that was being focused by enemy team and it heal em instantly while I'm on the back line just chilling.

  • This is a great guide I've been following it this ladder however I would recommend people not skimp out on their merc, specificailly act 2 merc and specifically the act 2 merc on nightmare (when you get there).

    THEN beyond that just keep an eye out for a 4 socket POLEARM (NOT SPEAR, POLEARM) and put Insight in it which requires very very minimal rune investment, and if you're farming Countess like the guide recommends you will have the runes sooner than you might think (and if you don't, save an Amethyst cause the Sol rune is harder to get than the other runes).

    If you can get a decent enough polearm (no it doesn't have to be perfect and no it doesn't have to be thresher or otherwise best in slot) you won't worry about mana for a long time then you can swap out those mana potions for rejuvenations OR health even. Stay alive. Forget the golem, Mercenaries are so much more useful. SO much more useful.

  • I'm having a hard time understanding how you can spam your teeth so much? I spam it 5 times and I'm out of energy. I seem to spending way to much gold on mana potions to save up for anything and I aint finding enough potions through looting. Most of the the fights are me running around hoping my golem and mercenary can kill mobs because I just have no mana to do anything.

  • So I tried the teeth build and it just does not do damage once you hit Lut Godwin??? Is there any way you can update the builds? I’d love to see how different they may be

  • If I’m level 23 is it too late for me to get the wand I need for white

  • I am level 18 and just reached act 2 XD. I did a few countess runs. And 2 Andariel Runs… Also enjoying the game. Ladder character but not competing or anything. Just having fun.

  • Rhykker thank you for the guide. Can i include summon skeleton on normal? I just wanna play as a necromancer with an army. Thank you

  • This doesn't work or im doing something wrong. i respecced from summoner at lvl 18 to this build with bone spear and i completely bricked the character, i can't solo anything. The bone spear is simply too weak and the corpse explosion cost too much mana. i followed this guide a teeth. i have stealth chest, tirtir helmet and +2 bone spear wand

  • Hey rhykker community – just wanted to see if there was a very giving soul out there. I hit level 77 on my necro, found a dagger and thought, man this would be cool to use – and i respec’d my bone necro into poison. Come to find out, my bone necro performed way better as opposed to poison nova. I used up all my respecs, so I wanted to see if anyone could help me with a respec token. I’m willing to trade everything in my storage for it(i have some ok stuff). In the mean time, I’m going to reroll a druid and hope there is someone that has the ability to assist. Otherwise rip – 99 ladder gameshow wah wah wah

  • Most helpful bone necro guide I have found. Thank you!

  • great guides but can you script your videos so you don't have to edit 3 clips to form a single sentence? the hickups with each edit really make these hard to listen to

  • Btw +3 teeth wand is much better obtained if you create new level 1 character and shop it with him

  • A week late but how do i deal with the mana issues i am having with the bone mecro

  • just tried soloing baal for quest and it seems impossible with spear/ce build. cant even beat final wave. very weak.

  • Just to say that you have to buy your bone wand for "White" from Drognan in Act 2 and not from Ormus in Act 3, who sells only magic wands

  • Ive been to act 3 oromus like 40 times and not once has he had a NON magic bone wand for me 😞

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