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MARSHA LINEHAN – Strategies for Emotion Regulation

According to Marsha Linehan, BPD is a pervasive disorder of emotions. Here she describes the strategies and skills for regulating emotions that she developed (repackaged) for her Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Marsha Linehan, creator of the highly-regarded Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), discusses Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) from the viewpoint of a clinician / researcher of the highest caliber.

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  • What about people that cannot afford the therapy but have been diagnosed? Watch more you tube or break more hearts?

  • Thank you, Marsha for everything you have done to help those of us with Borderline.

  • i learned by the lesson of amor fati….my sponsor taught the 4 R's…rational, reasonable, realistic, respectful process that melded into acceptance, it is not why i am angry at someone, it is now why i am angry….i use mindfulness also for chronic pain by moving inward with meditation. then i launch into the world via say a Youtube mixture of music and scenery, or a subject lecture i have to grasp such as physics, philosophy but am interested in with captions so i can repeat difficult concepts and by leaving the world i exist in 13 years ago i left all pain medications….i deal with any emotions and chronic pain also….rerouting neuro-pathways….long ago discovered in cognitive therapy with OCD

  • Bpd brain abnormalities mri scans. Bpd folk are brain damaged as a child. Learning to cope is fine but we need to get treatment for children whilst they go through abuse. Obviously, relaxation techniques but if the brain is damaged why aren't professionals looking in that direction?

  • Being someone who has BPD… and if anyone who has the condition reads this… I would just like to try and balance this out a little… I get what the Dr is saying… but I feel this casts a very negative look on it… that the lows are lows and only lows… and yes… the lows are the stuff of nightmares… but the highs… the highs are out of this world… when you do have moments of love and happiness… and ecstasy… there's nothing like it…. I'm not saying the Dr is wrong or anything… I just feel this is focusing on the negatives and the negatives only… when I've found one thing I need… and other people I know who have BPD is a more balanced stable approach… it sounds cliché… but it's not all bad and you're not alone… but then what do I know?

  • But how much does it cost to learn these strategies

  • I've been looking at TFP to deal with the narcissistic component. There's usually "polymorphous, infantile, perverse sexuality." Defamation. Hacking. Childish threats. The lack of cognitive framework for emotion.

  • Hello! I'm a DBT therapist from Brazil and would like to translate/put subtitles in portuguese for that and other Marsha's videos. Can you allow that type of edition? Thanks!

  • Her memoir is interesting.

  • We use these videos to aid in teaching acceptance the clients really like this lady, great video

  • This emotional disregulation can also come from people suffering from PTSD.

  • There's a state before that fog that can be beneficial

  • A.P

    The dbt skills workbook (I have the green one) is really helpful. It needs to be practiced and actually read for it to work though haha, I’m sure I’m notthe only one who struggles with persistence and resilience in that aspect. But I’m determined to keep going.

  • The mindfulness angle is a dead end, for a lot of people. She's only offered a partial solution.

  • 1:20 – Emotional Literacy
    1:39 – Emotion regulation and vulnerability factors
    2:03 – Prompting event and interpretation

  • This book provides readers with the practical DBT skills and strategies they need to manage their anxiety and live a more balanced life. The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Anxiety Book (PDF-Book-Summary-Review-Online Reading-Download):

  • Dr. Linehan, I'll always be thankful to your work and research, as I had never gotten the clarity and help I had until I did a DBT program. Now I know that I can contribute to create my reality and deal with life in a better way. Thank you!

  • Thank you God for this woman!!!

  • Links for Experimenting with Check List!!!🤔

  • She is already a legend. Our Borderline Queen😊

  • I could say DBT is one of the things that truly saved my life. I've been practising it full-time now for the past 1,5 year. I think it's just amazing, astonishing that one can create such a complex, smart form of therapy. It's just incredible. I'm beyond grateful.

  • Is dbt only for people with borderline?

  • When Dr Linehan said: 'half of my patients when I ask them how they feel their answer is I have no idea, like looking at a fog' – WOW finally someone put in words what me and many others (diagnosed BPD) pretty much feel like every day.. I wouldn't say it's true 'depression' at first, but unfortunately quickly becomes that.

  • I wish there were more DBT classes Miss. Linehan, here in Ontario Canada theres just a few agencies that offer DBT and I find it really useful from watching youtube and I plan on taking it if I find a resource ..especially emotional regulation..may god bless you Miss Linehan

  • Thank you so very much for your work! I use a DBT Workbook for PTSD recovery, and today was hit by 5 triggers within a short time. That profound dread hit, and I cuddled up and had a chocolate, took some me deep breaths and got writing. Each trigger, one at a time, with its related cause and background vulnerability. I recalled a then & now categorizing somewhere, and specified that each trigger was from a trauma back then, but now I actually had far more resources in each area, and this calmed me down. Last, I made a list of the 2 problem areas in the now category…and got to work on one today. The difference between where this would have left me, and where I was now able to take myself today is astounding!

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