Friday, June 2, 2023

Litecoin to $1000 | Bitcoin and Litecoin Price Prediction | 4 Year Cycle Explained

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Many of you have seen and felt the crash that happened on Saturday night (US EASTERN TIME), it was due to many reasons that collided and caused people to dump huge amounts of their Bitcoin. Causing a chain of sells, one whale on Binance sold 9,000 Bitcoins!
All that is just a bump in the road, the bull run is still here, and heading towards $100k Bitcoins and beyond. I explain my prediction of $100k Bitcoin by 2021 utilizing the Bitcoin 4 year cycle written by Rekt Capital, a well respected person on twitter. When I first read the 4 year cycle, I was mind blown, and wanted to blow your mind by sharing it with you, hope you enjoy!

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