Saturday, February 4, 2023

Litecoin Price Prediction | LTC Price Analysis | Token Metrics AMA

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Litecoin price prediction.

LTC price analysis.

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  • Bitcoin has been pressing higher over the past 72 hours as the U.S. dollar finally began to lose traction after a relief rally. The leading cryptocurrency currently trades for $11,350, a price far above the weekly lows around $10,400. At the highs seen on Wednesday evening, BTC traded almost as high as $11,500. Crypto Tribesmen has always been a reliable source for my BTC updates ever since I got interested in the currency. I’m currently working with a trade analyst for Crypto Tribesmen called vicente sanz here in the US, a wonderful, intelligent young man. It’s been all positive results all through the year, he is truly a dependable broker for true crypto gains. I got in touch with him through Tee.le.gram earlier this year (@vicentesanz)

  • Ron

    One thing you did mention. Lite coin is one of the cheapest coins to do any transaction in and that is why it will grow. It is money sister to bittcoin. Like gold and silver
    Silver L is for reason. There are only 85 million of them
    It is money. As bittcoin is .but for smaller transactions. As it is so cheap to use the public will take to like a duck to water. Once they understand.

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  • Dia is listing on 3 exchanges tomorrow plus in a few hours a massive %20 coinburn plus staking starting , release supply to exchanges will only be 20million .This WILL break all records for the biggest pump in history imo

    Current Price only $3 !!!

  • Litecoin dont have any use case at all only to copy BTC. It's worthless coin – copy cat. Buy better lottery tickets than LTC.

  • No one likes Litecoin? Grayscale Litecoin trust just went up almost 700% in 3 weeks. I would say someone likes it.. Alot

  • Why I believe Litecoin will show massive growth :

    1) LTC halving happened more than a year ago. Significantly less sell pressure and less supply.

    2) Confidential transactions coming soon via MimbleWimble. Litecoin will then offer more speed, scalebility and privacy.
    3)Litecoin is at muli year resistance level, when it breaks out there is blue sky above.

    4)Massive demand increase due to Grayscale capital Litecoin trust and listing of LTCN soon.

    5) Top 4 liquidity

    Not financial advise. Do your own research!

  • Litecoins heaviest resistance is between 60 and 80 bucks. If we can get above that there really isnt much up there.

  • Tell me, if you say that Litecoin will strengthen its rights in the next two weeks, what about Bitcoin?

  • So I am strongly considering purchasing your 2400 professional package but I hesitate because no one will return my emails…how many employees does the company have? Where are you domiciled?

  • if litecoin has a bear trend these next 2 weeks, what about Bitcoin?

  • They are going to be adding fungibility but it’s technology isn’t being worked on?? That’s a overlook at the question when Mimble Wimble wasn’t brought up

  • Every of my family and friends be asking me how I made 8182549433 did it I will forever remain great to him

  • When MW gets integrated with litecoin, then it'll have a massive resurgence, it's inevitable.

  • Really enjoy your videos! Thank you.

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