Saturday, February 4, 2023

Is it Too Late To Start Mining Cryptocurrency

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  • Use affiliate code SOAT at checkout to support the channel

  • Are you Scotty the car guys son with those arms moving around

  • Mine lead and asbestos and blow it into a daycare HVAC, it's still a better moral decision than mining crypto.

    How much more does heating your home cost because of pollution mining? How much more does FOOD cost? How many will freeze, starve to death etc this winter because pollution mining raised prices worldwide? Crypto helped the human trafficking trade, helped the drug dealers, despots and nuclear weapons programs. It hurt the poor, the hungry, the businesses than depend on computer chips and even just the people wanting to play a game on the weekend.

    How many dead is your profit worth? How much worldwide pain is it worth? Can I get a number? How do you sleep at night?

  • It's never too late to mine if you are early. oBTC coin for example. Started off slow but now its growing fast. Always looking for something new and different which oBTC is

  • Mining is ok ,but the heat generated is an issue.

  • Honestly… If you are starting now, it's better to wait for ETH PoS movement… And follow the GPU pricing… At this moment, it worth for the ones who are already doing it for quite some time… You might buy GPUs today that can cost 2x less next year… Or not, but if not.. it's the same as today…… For now, I would prefer to invest the money on crypto and trade.. It's much more likely that you will double your money until next year, instead of buying a hardware for like 2-3 k with 1 GPU that will give you 70€ monthly… And it will take 1y+ ROI…

  • A noob question, if Eth merges say today, what happens to those i mine and held.

  • I'm actually tired of working about stocks…it's driving me nuts these days, I think crypto investment is far better than stock..

  • there is a transition period in the yard now: it makes little sense to mine on the GPU, and people are still poorly accepting new schemes.

    For beginners, they can start mining the crp of utopia ecosystem. Will let them know if it is necessary.

  • Take you a year to pay the card off lol

  • Can u use the same equiopment used for Etherium to use for Bitcoin and other coins?

  • My RTX 3080 is only getting $3/day through minestat. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance

  • Can any one offer some advice on Poolin for LTC/Dogecoin merge miner. Is it still a good one? Thanks.

  • Thank you for your videos man! Good content all the time!

  • M L

    I have a 3090 and I'm trying to keep it mining without crashing. Running Windows 11 not activated will crash before a full 24 hours. Should I try windows 10 instead or would Linux be a more stable OS?

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  • Dude, you speak and have mannerisms like Ryan Long. I love it lol.

  • Is it still profitable to mine something else after eth2?

  • Hey! does the number of workers decide the amount of profit you make from mining? Say I am mining Ethereum, have 2 rigs with 2 GPUs on each(total 4 GPUs on 2 different rigs).
    If I assign 1 worker to each GPU (total 4 workers on both the rigs) VS I assign 1 worker for each rig(total 2 workers for both the rigs ), which way I will be earning more? Or the worker does not decide the amount of mining?

    Sorry I am new here and looking to mine in few weeks once I learn all the basics.

  • Is it worth mining with a rx6800? I know its a good gpu but its only made like £8:90 of BTC in 3 days (thats with my Ryzen 9 5900x mining too with the msr failed to load error and the failed to start driver winrin0 error which i can't get rid of) But luckily the landlord pays electric for now at least haha. but is it worth it as I am a gamer and just spent £900 on the GPU and will need it fresh for gaming.

  • I ordered a 3070 at MSRP on release. The company kept delaying and wouldn't fulfil it because the market price was so high. I waited 1 year. Finally, they offered me a compromise 3080 for $1200 USD. I accepted, now I have it. Figured I'd be able to mine away some of the price, but of course, it's an LHR model. I heard LHR was easy to get around, so I didn't think much of it.

    Sure enough, I have to run it at 170 W, -200 core, +600 mem, 50 MH/s, 50 degrees on core, 80 degrees on mem junction. Running at best settings only nets me 57 MH/s (see it drop from 90 MH/s). Guess I'll just reduce power and take what I can get.

    All that said, I'm not convinced GDDR6X memory doesn't lose reliability running at 90C+ all the time. I'm really not convinced, so I don't feel too bad that I'm not getting my 90 MH/s, because I probably wouldn't want to run it that hot anyways.

  • I've had a couple few L3+es for a few months now. I bought the L7, (9.16Gh) because kind of what you eluded to; that all the new hashpower will drive up difficulty and thus make the L3+es less profitable. By how much? As you said, it depends on how many are released.

  • Should be up way more because the fees to swap coins have been as high as 390.00 just to perform a 1200 dollar swap. Sometimes the fees are far higher than the actual swap.

  • Mine Vert coin. It only require min 2gb GPU, that's all.

  • How much does it cost for mid range setup for mining all in?

  • We need simple YES or NO in comments

  • I'm currently dirt poor, but I do have two gpu's just laying around. 1 rx470 4gb and 1 rx580 4gb. Lots of parts to easily build two miner pc's, can these old gpu's work? can I make a single pc with both gpu's running to save power?

  • My first ever 1k for 5 months of doing nothing …. Damnn i will follow every way possible of mining ….

  • Tried passive mining with an Rtx 3050 ti don't think it's gonna make much

  • what is a good tell-tale sign that my gpu fans have gone bad?

  • You forgot one thing – just watch what happens on the eBay in the next 6-8months, when rats will start jumping the ship.

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  • Last 6 seconds got really awkward

  • Mining ltc and doge is safer with l7

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