Friday, January 27, 2023

Iowa Bitcoin Mining Farm Tour- How much Money does it make?

An Iowa Bitcoin Mining Farm Tour! This is a bit unusual video, but as Winter is approaching I wanted to get out and make a couple different vids. This Mining Farm was started in 2019, and is working with the Grid to use the excess energy that’s available on the Grid. The miners work out a low-cost energy contract in exchange for shutting down the mine whenever the Grid get’s close to peak usage (Load Shedding). This is a 6MW site, and they’re planning to add on another 4MW site in the next couple of months.

There’s Miner’s all over the world doing the same thing, developing new ways of turning unused/excess electricity into revenue. Eventually, the miner’s that can find the lowest cost energy tend to be the most profitable, which will end up being a lot of renewables or stranded energy that can’t be transported to market!

The Bitcoin Miner’s that I used in the profitability case are Bitmain S19 Aintminer’s 95th.

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