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I AM BORDERLINE: Self-Regulation Project *Award winning short film (Possible Trigger)

Award winning short film on borderline personality disorder for June 2016, Art With Impact.
Writer and Director Betsy Usher
Along side with Wright Institute Los Angeles: Self-Regulation Project ( created a film to help reduce the stigma of Borderline Personality Disorder. (PossibleTrigger warning****)

For inquiries regarding this film please contact: betsy_usher@yahoo.com

The title I Am Borderline, is based off of a campaign created By Betsy Usher and Wright Institute Los Angeles. The campaign’s goal is to help reduce the stigma of BPD by asking individuals who identify with the BPD diagnosis to post pictures of themselves showing all of the other talents, labels, and thoughts about who they are. (Ex: I am a teacher). Being diagnosed with BPD does not mean that is all you are, it is only a label.

Jeff D’Agostion
Amanda Gardner
Josh Goldman
Danielle Keaton
Lucy Walsh

Director & Writer: Betsy Usher
Cinematographer: Thom Kuo
Editor: Doug Usher
Music: Tommy Dill & Lily and the Lion
Camera assistant/gaffer/colorist: Jared Pecht
Director’s Assistant: Dina Goldman
Fixer: Brant Anderson
Marketing Executive: Michele Gomes

In association with Wright Institute Los Angeles

Film Festivals
Winner: Art With Impact June 2016
Finalist: Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival 2016
Official Selection North Hollywood Cinefest 2017
Official Selection Female Filmmakers Fuse 2017
Official Selection Grand Rapids Film Festival 2017
Official Selection: REEL Recovery Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: Voiceless International Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: Awareness Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: Pictoclik Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: Screen It Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: Blow- Up Chicago Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards 2016
Focus Piece & Interview: We Are Moving Stories 2016

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