Saturday, February 4, 2023

How Much I Made Selling NFTs

How Much I Made Selling NFTs on Ethereum NFTs, Solana SOL NFTs, Binance Smart Chain BSC, Cardano NFTs, and soon XRP NFTs?! Let’s review the money I invested and if I’m a crypto millionaire now! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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NFTs are the fastest growing sector, outpacing normal cryptocurrencies and to be honest they are more fun and interesting! Ethereum NFTs are making crypto investors rich but also poor due to insane gas fees so Opensea the biggest NFT marketplace supports Polygon Matic but its just not that popular so other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain are becoming more popular but lack NFT marketplaces and Solana is absolutely BOOMING with NFTs thanks to SBF FTX supporting NFTs and FTX US launching an NFT marketplace so Solana SOL NFTs are already huge money makers for cryptocurrency investors and a place all NFT degens already are! Cardano is looking to get a piece of the pie with ADA supporting NFTs thanks to CNFT and even XRP is joining the NFT game with their 250 million NFT creator fund, let’s review how much money I’ve earned and spent, and basically how much I made selling NFTs!

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โฐ Timestamps โฐ
00:00 How much money did I make with my NFTs?
01:54 What is the current status of NFT sector?
02:53 Remainder on some new NFT projects
03:40 NFT supported blockchains going UP?
04:35 Test Guys NFT collection on Solana
05:43 What is DigitalEyes and how does it work?
06:56 Grumpy Dragons NFT collection
07:14 What is Solanart on Solana?
07:26 NFTs on Ethereum blockchain
08:14 What happened to the Big Brain Society NFT collection?
10:28 Frogs in Disguise NFT collection
10:59 The thing about NFTs
13:55 Project Origin NFT collection
14:28 BSC NFTs and PancakeSwap NFTs
15:58 Rekt Army Whale Platoon NFT collection
16:38 What is Refinable on BSC?
16:59 NFTs on Cardano Blockchain
18:40 ISSUAA DeFi protocol
20:49 NFT play to earn games
21:01 Polker – An NFT VR crypto game?
22:27 Axie Infinity – The play to earn king?
23:47 More details on Polker NFT game
26:00 XRP spending millions for NFT ecosystem?
27:41 Guides to Navigating the Crypto ecosystem
28:21 Its a fun time in Crypto

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