Monday, June 5, 2023

GTA Online CEO CRATES Money Guide | GTA 5 Online CEO Crates Beginner Guide & Tips to MAKE MILLIONS

In this GTA Online video I Show the Best CEO CRATES Money Guide GTA 5 Online CEO Crates Beginner Guide & Tips to MAKE MILLIONS!

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  • What is your favorite car that came out with the new DLC in gta ? 🤔👇🏼

  • Is it only CEO crates that can be done in invite sessions only or all businesses?

  • Is ur character's hair modded or glitched?

  • another tip it has to work with 2 warehouses… make sure when you buy your first one, is close to your CEO Office, or if your first one is not close to your CEO Office when you buy the 2nd Warehouse buy it as close as possible to your CEO… Now what you have to do is get in your Terrobyte (Terrobyte is required) and drive it to your Warehouse that is further than CEO Office, so you go to your CEO Office start a mission to get crates for the closest warehouse to your CEO Office, finish it, drive to your terrobyte and start it on the other Warehouse … By the time you finish one of missions the cooldown should be gone to start another mission for crates… So basicly you are fulling 2 warehouses at the same time. I hope you undestand what I'm trying to tell you.

  • Which Is profitable in selling crates? invite only session or public session.

  • the upgrade wasn't added. It was all the time

  • Do u recommend selling ur crates when full when doing solo?

  • The upgrades for the delivery vehicles been there , what u talking about?

  • H

    I think you only need to warehouses and just go back and forth. What’s the point of having more?

  • Pro tip: if you have 2 or more warehouses, then after completing the source mission for your warehouse, find new session and make sure your spawn point is your office, and load into an invite only. On PS5 you load so fast into your office that it’s almost like teleporting. Then just do your second warehouse and so on. Works great.

  • Do not listen to this guy he don’t know shit

  • Wait, is there seriously triple money for ceo crates?

  • Sourcing for your crates You have a new MPC that calls you when you leave your CEO office and she makes it extremely effing hard you always rage quit I always rage quit I feel like breaking every video game of rockstar video games I am not playing Grandtheft auto six at all they went to hell with this this new update is hell

  • I hate the new update you got this black woman that calls you and makes it extremely freaking hard you know like Pavel this new woman added to the contacts you can’t get your crates that you paid for because you’re doing underwater missions you’re putting sticky bombs underneath water then you got five or 10 helicopters that have aim bot that are killing me extremely quick so every time I feel like breaking my PS4 pro every freaking time I don’t like the new update it sucks a$$ I hate the update I hate it absolutely I’m not gonna play GTA anymore F rockstar

  • Yea the people inside the warehouse source between 1and 3 crates at random plus also special crates like the golden mini gun etc also the mixed cargo sell that you can do is separate doesn’t effect your crates in the warehouse so you can still sell your full crate warehouses with out the mixed crate sell taking any

  • Question. I cannot sell every crate at once, right? Cuz when I want to sell the products, are like 4 different options to sell differents products. Is like a pain in the ass doing 4 sells instead just once with everything I have…

  • You’ve always been able to upgrade the vehicles in there.

  • Wack business.
    Too much money and time spent for a small profit. Not worth it. 👎👎

  • Sourcing crates is also a good method to gain RP

  • The music in the background reminds me of Angabata11s videos

  • Does this only apply to gta 5 expanded or does it jus work on regular gta 5

  • The warehouse vehicle upgrade is not a new option.

  • And you don't have to send you staff to get mixed goods you get it once every 48 minutes

  • The upgrades have always been there for your cargo bro

  • My terabyte still tells me to be in a public session to source crates

  • I just want to say that the upgrades for for plane, vehicle and boat is not new it has always been there. I have has those upgrades way long before the criminal enterprises update

  • For those who thing there gonna get 6.6mil every time u fill ur large warehouse u don’t u only get x3 on ur first time so it’s kinda shit

  • Barely anything in this video was actually factual. CEO crates have NEVER been triple money before, exporting Mixed cargo does NOT sell all the crates but only $50,000 worth and the upgrades system is not new at all but rather been there since day 1, and sourcing 3 crates is never the best option, as doing this solo is not only a pain in the ass but eats $666,000 into your profits. Never do 3 crates, always do 2

  • Exporting Mixed cargo does NOT sell all of the crates that your warehouse assistants sourced. It is ALWAYS 1 vehicle, that sells for $50,000 regardless of how many crates tour technicians have racked up

  • Kinda pisses me off that they added sources and sales to invite only sessions but NOT from the Terrobyte..

  • Lots of incorrect information here. Read other comments.

  • How much money it takes to fill up a large warehouse

  • When you go to your assistant and pick sell export cargo Can your help make the sale for you

  • i had all the upgrades before the dlc i had it like a year ago

  • Is anybody else having problems wit getting on gta online?

  • I have always been able to play in solo public lobbies on Xbox one, so crates has been one of my favorite businesses to operate. Now that it can be done in invite, albeit with the Terrorbyte rendered useless for now, I can enjoy all aspects of the game without losing my solo lobby.
    I agree that Maze Bank West is the best location. I got it free with CE Starter Pack 2.5 years ago. 802 levels and $920 million later, I've had no reason to change it.
    I started with a small warehouse and added 3 mediums and one large.
    Having an Oppressor MK2 is the most efficient and effective way of doing crates.
    A Buzzard works very well too, and cheaper if just getting started.
    IF solo, do not try buying 3 crates at once as you get a high percentage of loose crates, which means 3 trips back and forth and can be a considerable distance from your warehouse. There is a time limit to collect. Time is money.
    Wait for hijackers to stop at traffic lights then pull them out and beat them to death and take your crates back. Usually stops further enemies.
    If you get the police sting operation, send back personal vehicle get Lester on speed dial and set to remove wanted level. Hop in vehicle, wait for sirens hit request, cops go silent and you drive away.
    When doing the go out to sea mission, and using missiles, always take out the two smaller craft first, otherwise you risk blowing up your own crates.
    When doing a plane delivery sell mission solo, you must go to plane, jump in to get drop locations to highlight on map, get out of plane and then physically go to each one and scout them and destroy any helicopters guarding that zone. You will not be able to out fly them and you will be destroyed otherwIse. Yes it takes time, but with sometimes millions at stake it is worth every minute and you will Still have plenty of time to make your drops.
    I learned the hard way and suffered my share of disappointment so these are just a few tips I hope can help someone.

  • Watched this whole video just to listen to stuff I already know 😂 he’s got the secret to lead you on it’s crazy.

  • awesome video but the vehicle upgrades have been there for as long as I can remember

  • Can you sell them in private lobby’s now as well?

  • Reach out to Tec4ord 👆 for modded accounts and outfits through him me and my friends bought our account

  • Reach out to Tec4ord 👆 for modded accounts and outfits through him me and my friends bought our account

  • anyone wanna play gta on pc? got no one to play with. User is mo-nainy123

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