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[FGO NA] Board Games of the Apocalypse COMPLETE Event Guide, Tips & Farming

Your complete guide for the Fate Requiem collab Event! #FGO #BoardGameApocalypse #FateGrandOrder

Erice Spotlight:
Voyager Spotlight:
Kijyo Koyo SPotlight:

Intro- 00:00
Servants- 00:46
CEs & CCs- 02:05
Shop- 04:42
Event Mechanics- 05:53
Story & Unlocking Erice- 09:07
Farming- 11:13
Challenge Quest- 13:20
Outro- 14:45

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Stats and skill info was taken from the wiki: It is a fantastic resource and I recommend everyone check it out!

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  • Kinda sad that there's no rerun of this event, at least not yet in JP. Hope it does because board RNG costed me a NP3 Erice.

  • I completed the story on the last 2 days now I’m stuck on the last 5 tokens 😢

  • Not gonna bother with the challenge quest, because I'm getting sick of that annoying board game. I'm just glad I got Erice at NP5. Love her in this event

  • I came here immediately after clearing the Challenge Quest to say: thanks for suggesting Mordred! The sites I generally get my challenge quest guidance from only suggested ST Sabers for some reason. Saber AoE is definately the way to go.
    Mordred with the Limit Broken Event CE made this quest a breeze. Double Waver is a life-saver, decreasing Elrice NP gauge while enabling Mordred to NP every second or third turn.
    Mordred's NP almost always one-shoted the ghosts, leaving her room to deal massive Crit Damage to Elrice because of her and Waver's Crit Buffs.
    I do suggest an NP Battery like Nero Bride or even Shakespeare in the back, just so you can pull them in with the Combat Uniform Mystic Code in case you need Waver's NP immediately.
    I had Merlin in the back, pulled him in to use Dreamlike Charisma for that reason.

  • Can someone explain the battles between the two armies where you can only use support

  • Excuse me, I have a problem with Great Orbat, no matter how much I kill and lose, it didn't happen. Could you help me?

  • I've put it of untill just now…oh boi I have some work to do…

    My goodness that was alot…
    Was abble to just barley get the welfare too max NP…but unfortunately Couldent even come close to clearing the shop

    Eh oh well no biggie

  • I gave up on the event. It just was too much for me.

  • I’m kind of boned on the board game thing cause I have two squares each that have two+ gold stars left to hit to get all the stuff done for the profile 6 Erice unlock. That annoys me. Got everything else done.

  • I keep repeating the same first few orbat battles. Do I need to deliberately lose some to get to the others and to get those last few tokens?

  • Great guide, but I hate this event. So frustrating when you keep getting sent back to 11 lol

  • Unfortunately the written guides don't do a very good job of explaining where the tokens you need are located on the board, so I went through and marked the majority of critical ones, and where to find their respective tokens, note that this is specifically for the bond points and command codes, the others should be pretty easy once these are cleared.

    Bond 1 – [Bonus Quest] Fireworks
    Brynhild Token Location: Square 11 – Round 1
    Shuten Doji Token Location: Square 18 – Round 3

    Bond 2 – [Bonus Quest] A Flicker of Treasure
    Gilgamesh Caster Token Location: Square 11 – Round 2
    Odysseus Token Location: Square 2 – Round 3

    Bond 3 – [Bonus Quest] Monster vs Chaldea
    Rama Token Location: Square 11 – Round 3
    Shi Huang Di Token Location: Square 5 – Round 3

    Bond 4 – [Bonus Quest] A Dance with the Criminal!
    David Token Location: Square 17 – Round 1
    Merlin Token Location: Square 9 – Round 3

    Cammand Code: Viva la France – [Bonus Quest] Biscuit Made by a Cat
    Gawain Token Location: Square 5 – Round 1
    Sasaki Kojiro Token Location: Square 20 – Round 3
    Edmond Dantes Token Location: Square 15 – Round 3

    Command Code: Cosmos Voyager's License – [Bonus Quest] Children's Limbo・Restoration of Hell
    Euryale Token Location: Square 3 – Round 1
    Nitocris Assassin Token Location: Square 4 – Round 1
    Cleopatra Token Location: Square 7 – Round 1

    Command Code: Command Seal of the Azure Reaper – [Bonus Quest] Watchwolf Lobo Lobo
    Carmilla Rider Token Location: Square 8 – Round 1
    Tamamo Lancer Token Location: Square 9 – Round 1
    Martha Ruler Token Location: Square 13 – Round 1

  • How the fuck do you obtain the last Event CE too MLB?

  • I have all the token and finish the story and I still can’t unlock the erice challenge quest and the other event which gives 10M QP

  • I'm starting to hate this board quest just to get the coins.
    I've been at it for 2 days straight and I'm no closer to getting the last 5 coins.
    I'm wasting apples like crazy. T.T

  • 3:20 does anyone know where the last copy of that CE is?

  • I just gave up the challenge quest I don't have the necessary servants and as soon as I kill a ghost she just summoned another one.

  • Phew…thanks man. This one looked intimidating. Rolling dice…rolling gacha…rolling, rolling, rolling…this is fine.

  • I'm trying to get tokens 48-52 and I don't know how to get them send help

  • Is there anything I miss from not doing the redo the orbat fight?
    I feel bad beating erice in every game lol
    Also what's next on fgo NA?

  • Idk where to drop dices to unlock another quests

  • Eli

    i have both starry and mission start which should i use on voyager?

  • Alright so… how exactly do you get the other NP levels for Erice? After she becomes permanent do you just have to land on all the correct spots up to 5 times each? Are there any other restrictions? Do I need all the tokens first etc?

  • Hey how can i complete all bonus quest
    I couldn't find last 4 tokens to access those quests

  • I am really disliking this event so far, the culdopoly is alright but i absulutely hate the werewolf game and the Orbat zone. The first was very predictable and the complete lack of meaningfull choices meant i was rolling my eyes at how dumb the game made our character. The orbat zone i dislike from the fact is the tips are vauge enough that i have lost every match there except one. having to play through the whole thing again instead of just retrying the mission is needlessly tedious.

  • Can you farm golden eggs in this event, And if so where?

  • Those solo missions made me so maaad. xD

  • If I've already hit every space 5 times, will I have to land on them a 6th time for the Erise copy?

  • The Werewolf part makes me feel like a moron.

  • 11:08 When is Utsumi given as a temporary servant?! I've been playing for days, completed quests, etc. I don't have her as a temp.

  • Man…. I still haven't even gotten Erice lol…. now that I know how to get her, I still don't know if I even want to get her

  • I am loving the story to this event and the game that opened up last night was pretty fun, clean sweep 3 in a row, but getting all the tokens off the game board was a pain in the ass. I got stuck on space 11 for several dice rolls, I even used some of my smaller dice to try to position myself better and I still ended up hitting that go back to space 11 spot.

  • When will we be given the temporary Erice??

  • How do you do the battles where it forces you to have one given servant? I know they're supposed to be puzzles but I can't do them

    Edit: Okay. I got it. But I wanna say what I found so everyone who reads this can one shot this mission cause it's long.

    vs Achilles: Bring Combat Uniform for the stun and use all of Penth's skills and you have enough damage with two BBB chains to kill him before he can use the NP he got for free

    vs Jason and Atalante: Only attack Atalante with QAA and when you get your NP use all of your skills and attack Jason through his Invince. If you want you can stun Atalante while you kill Jason because the NP will insta kill him. Then keep attacking Atalante and you'll just have enough time to kill her before she kills you. With your timing right she'll use her NP while you have your skill's evade up.

    vs ROME: You're forced to attack Romulus so use Altera's Attack boost skill turn 1 and attack with NP in mind. You'll naturally kill him, then attack Caesar. When you have your NP, via Arts and damage taken you should have done enough damage to Caesar by now that using her two other skills and a Buster chain with her NP at the end attacking Caligula will wipe them both out.

    Congrats. You won three in a row and win early.

  • Thank you so much for making this video. It really helps me understand the event mechanics better. This also helps me manage resources better to make the event easier.

  • The day 1 caster node drops pages and dice, and that's really all i want right now.


  • shame we don't get her school uniform as an outfit for her

  • I'm pretty sure that if there was a servant with a 5 arts deck, they'd be regarded as a potential Best Servant. Even as a support, they can provide a higher chance of arts chains to build allies NP guage.

  • Bruh i used them randomly…

  • Thanks for the guide! I was wondering if some of the spaces with second tokens on the gameboard are time locked?

    Edit. Nvm just checked the reddit, it seems like you're required to land on those spaces the total 5 times to get the 2nd token

  • I got no currency what do you think is the best thing to summon for after this? Any other big events known about?

  • Waiting for the little Prince's Review sir. As always great job

  • Thanks for the guide oni, i knew nothing about this event jajaja nice to see they are getting more creative with events

  • I really liked this mechanic when it dropped in JP. The only problem is that it's really tedious. I wish that there would be a mechanic where we can pick a space so that we don't have to always rely on RNG.

  • I hope this event has a rerun… I was waiting for this event for quite a while now (This was the first event I played in JP 2 years ago, dabsmack in the middle of the pandemic).

    But i find myself burnt out due to the gacha. I can't bear to even login right now… I've lost the motivation to play this game…

    Gacha's been so cruel to me these past year,,, I wish it's time for gssr already…

  • Umm, I have a question. How do yo beat the Charlotte Corday Solo in the fourth game? I saw it in the guide but I am not sure how to win that. Newbie here

  • cleared out the entire board in a single day, just gotta wait for the rest of the story so i can get the welfare servant, to finally finish off the remaining missions.

  • I actually kijo from summon ticket 😂

  • How do I unlock the first copy of the new welfare?

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