Friday, January 27, 2023

Elden Ring Location Guide for Dummies: Basics & Tips for EVERYTHING You Need to Know – PS5 GAMEPLAY

When we published a beginners tips guide to #EldenRing we didn’t realise that for many new players, our tips weren’t beginner enough. So, we made Elden Ring for Dummies – an in-depth Elden Ring explainer covering attributes, levelling, weapon scaling, equip loads and more. Then we made an Elden Ring Combat For Dummies video, covering the basics of fighting. NOW, we’re diving back into the Lands Between and offering tips on location progression – where should you go when you’re feeling stuck? Is there a preferable order to tackle bosses in? Let Aoife Wilson be your helper and guide once again, and do let us know if you have any further questions in the comments! #Eurogamer #EldenRingforDummies

00:00 – Intro
01:22 – Start as You Mean to Go On
02:16 – Don’t Miss These Items!
02:47 – Go to the Beach…
03:40 – When (and How) to Level Up and Move On
05:18 – Don’t Miss Alexander!
05:55 – Life After Godrick
08:02 – How to Use Great Runes
09:11 – Liurnia of the Lakes
10:15 – On the Road to Raya Lucaria
12:54 – Finger Readers and an Alternate Route to Altus Plateau
14:53 – Caelid, and a Warning
16:02 – Mt Gelmir and Volcano Manor
16:48 – Stonesword Keys
17:44 – Beyond… and Final Tips

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