Friday, January 27, 2023

DJI Mini SE Beginners Guide | Getting Ready For First Flight

There are many new pilots who are going to be choosing the new DJI Mini SE as their very first drone due to its low cost while still being a fully capable drone with all of DJI’s goodness inside. I have put together this beginner’s guide and tutorial to help those who have never flown a drone before get prepared for their very first flight. We cover all aspects of the drone both the hardware, software, what type of memory to use, charging the equipment, and offer many useful tips for new drone pilots along the way.

DJI Mini SE (DJI Store)


2-Way Charging Hub (USA)
2-Way Charging Hub (CAN)

DJI Mini 2/SE Spare Battery (USA)
DJI Mini 2/SE Spare Battery (CAN)

Recommended Memory (USA)
Recommended Memory (CAN)

Landing Pad (USA)
Landing Pad (CAN)

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DJI FPV Combo:

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All my YouTube videos are filmed on an iPhone and edited on an iPad Pro in LumaFusion. I am a minimalist/mobile YouTube creator. I like to keep things simple.

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