Friday, January 27, 2023

DISTANT WORLDS 2 | 8 Essential Tips Before you Start – Beginner's Guide

Distant Worlds 2 is a complex sci-fi 4x strategy game in which you take your empire from its earliest moments as a space-faring people to the heights of its interstellar empire. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll take a look at Distant Worlds 2 gameplay and cover some key tips that should set you on the right path. With these 8 sets of tips covered, we’ll do more deep-dive tutorial and guide videos on some of the more complex topics at hand.


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00:00 – Intro
00:48 – Automation Policies & A Detailed UI
03:45 – The Two-Tier Economy
08:36 – Chase the Right Resources
15:21 – Paced Expansion
18:41 – Protect Your Interests
22:47 – Assigning Characters
24:58 – Maximize Research
29:59 – Ship Design Essentials
36:21 – Outro

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  • EDIT: Here's another video I'd recommend checking out, highlighting 5 hidden tricks you might otherwise miss – !

    It's finally time! Distant Worlds 2 has been tremendous fun, especially because of its complexities. I hope this video helps you get started, or at least get a better understanding of what the game's about. If you haven't grabbed it yet, you can buy it here to support the channel as you do – ! Enjoy!

  • Man Distant Worlds Universe was probably my favorite game from the last ~10 years. I am so stoked for DW2 to finally be out, and for it to be as good as it is!! Woot woot!

  • 10:30 This is exactly what happened to me, I needed silicon to build a mining station at a silicon rich planet but the pesky private ships were not interested…

  • You are my dependable source of long videos without clickbait that I can just sit back and enjoy without constantly having to pick another video. Well written well presented and well taught.
    You also cost me a lot of money because you chose such awesome games I've not heard of yet.

  • Any news about the ship design guide ? I'm waiting for it 😀

  • One thing I don't understand is how to repair a ship with a destroyed engine that can't move. Construction ship context menu doesn't give an option to repair a damaged ship. What do I do with them?

  • How does one get more scientists

  • Thanks for the pointers. Really looking forward to playing this when I get a chance, I was a huge fan of the first one.

  • The designer recomends you use teh external modules first, then move onto the internal modules. Why is that?

  • I can't stand how I can't tell the Advisor to not upgrade just 1 specific ship design. It's all ships or nothing. Really hate that. Why can't I deselect the one ship I don't want them constantly editing my weapon loadouts on while still having them update all other ships/bases?

  • i was about to play this game, then i watched this video. you made it sound so complicated that i changed my mind and am now not going to play it.

  • Clearly one of the better videos out there! The resources section was excellent!

  • Hey, I just wanna say that I am currently watching all of your vids for planet zoo and man am I loving it! I think your killing it so far (from where I am up to) and I think you have a great vibe and you are super creative, I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

  • Been playing for about 3 hours now. This is everything Stellaris horrifically failed to be, and they just announced yet another unwanted DLC.😂😂😂😂😂 Fuck them, I'm done with that trash game.

    Only thing I wish we had here is research tech description. I have no idea why each tech is supposed to do. I can only assume things like planetary control will lower corruption and stuff?

    Maybe a new reactor will keep my ships from running out of energy so warp isn't nerfed.

    To be fair, I can do without it. It's still worlds better than Stellaris.❤

  • all looks like shits compared to stellaris

  • I love the systems in this game, now if we could combine those with AAA graphics. One can dream!

  • Are you doing playground anymore?!?!

  • I'd be interested in deep dive videos. I couldn't get into DW1 but enjoying the new one quite a bit.

  • Going to be honest. Coming from stellaris to this feels like going from 6th grade math to quantum mechanics without any background. Thank you for helping to clarify some things

  • After feeling lost for a few hours this will definitely help get me on my feet, lots of things to think about now. Always love it when a game makes you think about infrastructure/placement as well as the numbers.

  • Please make a video on ship building !!! Thanks !!!

  • You have my upvote, but I won't watch the video – I wanna make all the rookie mistakes myself. 🙂

  • im taking a break from stellaris, just due to the patch crazyness and how mods keep crashing. (ugh) ty for the video man.

  • Great video. I'd love to watch a video of yours on customzing ships and stations. Subscribed for future content!

  • Very nice and informative Video. A big like and hopefully some more videos on DW2 in the future. You definitely woke up my interest for ship design. Keep up the good work!

  • 30:15 YES please go into the fleet design stuff more. I'm having an issue where I made a bunch of plans to add stealth to all my ships. It keeps updating which I want it to do but from my designs as the base.

  • Maximize research. – hive minds sad face

  • Great video! I actually picked up the game thanks to your videos. I would also like to see a video on how to grow colonies' economies. Unlike in say Stellaris, where colonial building is almost no brainer…DW2 really, really gets me pondering on what I really need to do to get those income. Keep up the great work!!!

  • holy crap – this game reminds me of an advanced factorio and stellaris and simcity game, with automation that slightly can make it automated and lets me focus on the things i really like 😀

  • @PartyElite – Do you have any idea why when a ship is ordered to decommission it will stall at 50% "Construction" at the shipyard for a seemingly insufferable amount of time? Is it safe to go and manually scuttle them in terms of not losing potential technology or materials recovered at this 50% state?

  • I had no idea that you could manually design and upgrade ships individually. I thought it was an everything or nothing situation with the automation. Thank you!!

  • Would adore a ship design and fleet order breakdown videos.
    I really need to figure out how to designate fleets to guard specific stations/colonies than my homeworld

  • Excellent video. New to this type of game and your in-depth explanations are extremely helpful in overcoming the initial shock of the complexity. Please do as many deep-dives as you can in the near future. Thanks.

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