Friday, June 2, 2023

Can You Make Money From NFTs?

In recent years, a trend known as NFTs, or non-fungible tokens have taken the art scene by storm. The market has seen explosive growth in 2021 with celebrities like Tom Brady, Snoop Dogg and Grimes jumping into the market. In October, Sotheby’s and Coinbase also announced their intentions in launching their own NFT specific marketplaces. But NFT’s astonishing success has also led to deep skepticism. So just how do non-fungible tokens work and is it an asset worth investing in?

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Can You Make Money From NFTs?

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  • Nice video and Thank you for recommending your broker Joana Jean, her service are exceptional and I've been earning greatly from investing with her.

  • How do you differentiate between a real mona lisa and a fake one ?

  • Nothing wrong with owning digital assets or tokens with actual rights to a physical artwork (not sure if that even is the case). If you own NFT to something you like, I get it. But do you really want to own stuff you don't care to own just because its an NFT? What if no one wants to buy that NFT from you?

  • so what are u buying or selling? digital art????

  • Fed reserve try to save US business by pump trillions in system … Money go for speculation in Bitcoin and NFT 🤣

  • NFT art is NOT stored in blockchain. They are stored on regular ol' Internet FYI. It's just a certificate for a link.

  • I am able to purchase a new home with the help of 👆🏻, There website are 100% legit.

  • I am able to purchase a new home with the help of 👆🏻, There website are 100% legit.

  • The answer is yes. Unless you haven't already, then wait till next time.

  • I pray someone buys my NFT… I listed since last year and no sales😞

  • Our world is f*+$&kd up. Bubbles being sold at astronomical prices. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • GameStop NFT marketplace is going to be a game changer. GME and Microsoft are close buddies. Microsoft resently bought Blizzard and are gonna utilize the NFT utilitys via Gamestop Marketplace. Nearly 100 billion was spent on "in game" items last year and not one of those purchased items has any tangible value because they aren't truly owned by the player. That will change now! Gamestop have partnered with Loopring + Immutable who will work togheter on eth lay2 network to make carbon free and commission free NFT trading on the GameStop marketplace. Power to the Player! 2022 is going to be lit!

  • Hana misak actually really knows her way around the Nft stock and cryptocurrency trading, it’s evident from her deep knowledge of how the market works, reading signals to perfection, its so safe trading with her after she showed me how I could earn huge daily from other crypto coins that are very cheap, it’s simply to reach her through the details up..

  • you just can't fight the trend . this world is really coming ….. My advice to new investors: Buy good companies NFTs and hold them as long as they are good companies. Just do this and ignore the forecasts and market views which are at best entertaining but completely useless.

  • Are all of the NFT's on one blockchain? Or are there multiple blockchains competing for the authority of art tokens?

  • Too many bots in the comments

  • I am saying something in bold.

  • do not buy. This is a negative sum game (money is lost in the process) only the top of the top that has inside information wins money

    The so-called "whales" (rich people) receive the information of future nfts and coins before everyone else, guaranteeing their profit on top of the masses that enter later.

    this taking away the amount of nfts account thefts since it is very simple and is too decentralized to return your account but centralized enough for the responsible company to be able to steal your money (being hiding your account on sites like open sea or creating pump and dump schematics)

    This is apart from art theft, the cost to the environment, lack of liquidity or financial instability.

    the only way for the money to come in is with new people coming in to move the economy and the money is lost due to the expenditure of energy to secure the blockchain

    it will hit hard in the future as soon as new money stops coming in and the market starts to fall only due to the lack of new people coming in this after a while will make a lot of people sell making the nfts talk almost nothing.

    Go to the stock market and make real worth investiments

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