Friday, June 2, 2023

Blockchain Bootcamp By Simplilearn | Next Cohort Starting Soon! | Simplilearn

The Blockchain Bootcamp helps you master the architectural principles and services of today’s top Blockchain solutions. You will learn how to design, deploy applications and develop the skills to transform yourself into a Blockchain professional.

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The Blockchain Bootcamp, right from the fundamentals, covers all the technical and strategic aspects of building any blockchain solution using the best tools and techniques in the industry. You will learn to administer Truffle Frameworks, Bitcoin wallets, Hyperledger, NFT, Ethereum Networks, and more.

✅ Why to Enroll For Blockchain Bootcamp:
– UMN’s Academic Excellence: Earn a certificate and attend live masterclasses from the Carlson School of Management.
– UMN Alumni Membership: Become a part of the coveted University of Minnesota’s Alumni Association
– Blockchain Expert: Become a Blockchain expert, securing one of the highest paying Software Development roles.
– Hands-on Learning: Live interaction with industry experts to guide your learning journey and build real-life projects

✅ Skills Covered

– Cryptography and Cryptocurrency
– Distributed Ledgers
– Bitcoin
– Hyperledger
– Transactions
– Blockchain
– Consensus
– Workflows
– Networks

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✅ Eligibility Criteria
– Basic understanding of mathematics
– Should have a bachelor’s degree in relevant domain
– Basic understanding of Java is preferred

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