Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Bitcoin price spikes after Biden orders sweeping review of crypto policy

#Bitcoin #Crypto
Yahoo Finance’s Jennifer Schonberger joins the Live show to report on President Biden’s executive order to regulate cryptocurrencies.
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  • I think that now the price of bitcoin will start to rise and I will watch it on Bitfinex.

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  • Everything this guy touches doesn't turn to gold it turns to crap!!!! Have you seen the prices!!! lately???

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  • It went down n why the news r saying it went up

  • This is just a temporary slide of price. And I took this opportunity and invested USDT in Bitcoin while it's below $40k. I think we might see the new ATH in the summer.

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  • These crapcoin pumpers are a Moronic cult

  • Buy POWW now and help support the people of Ukraine! Semper Fi!

  • We don't need Biden and his minions using executive orders on crypto currency. First off where's the emergency that give him executive order privileges? Second is they want us to go crypto so they can control our money even more. This has got to be the most corrupt administration occupying the white house in the history of the US.

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  • <Great content! Intelligence and reading the charts make a lot of good decisions. Thanks for being my mentor for reading the charts! Assuming BTC hits the target range, do you expect it to hang out in there for a while or do you think it's more likely that it would just be a wick that bounces back up.. either ways the price fluctuation are to be expected. I work with Hilary Blust and got over 11btc. His trading skill is exceptional.

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