Saturday, February 4, 2023

Bitcoin BTC Price News Today – Technical Analysis and Elliott Wave Analysis and Price Prediction!

Bitcoin BTC Price News Today – Technical Analysis and Elliott Wave Analysis and Price Prediction! In this video I talk about the Bitcoin BTC Cryptocurrency price and carry out a technical analysis. I also talk about my Bitcoin Elliott Wave count and discuss where the price could be going next.

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  • BAM! You were the ONLY person who had the same theory….everyone else thought the bull was back on. Thanks

  • An ex-colleague convinced me into stock trading and investment as a means of making more income maybe because of the few commissions she earns bringing people. Sad i fell, My portfolio have been down ever since. Next time, i will first spend my money on myself before investing.

  • Love to receive your updates every day. Its really proof of hard work and dedication that you are here every day publishing for us. I respect and appreciate that Sam. Thank you.

    One question, I am slowly learning about Elliot waves thanks to you, and it’s quickly becoming my favourite TA tool…

    I was wondering if you plan on realeasing some short vidz for training ppl to learn about this technique?

    Once you nail the next few weeks/months swings in the market and become famous, I am sure there would be more than one person excited to learn from you!

    Just a thought…
    Happy Monday Eve

  • Although I’m a noobie and desperate for us to go up, I feel as though there’s too much fear due to the recession for us to go up. I do sincerely hope we do, I’m very tired of spending so much DCAing lol

  • You're the Realest 🙏🏾

  • It’s starting to look like we’re in one huge ending diagonal since the all time high, and the 4th wave has only just started in May.
    1st wave since all time high definitely doesn’t seem like a 5 wave move, have you considered this Ben ?

  • Oh man, you're still dealing with people who have selective hearing!!! LOL

  • Thanks for the update!

  • Because of you I made smart investments by putting $2000 in Bitcoin around $29,5k and if or when Bitcoin drops even lower (to the 200 week moving average or lower than the previous low) I put in another $1000.

    If Bitcoin decides to go on a bull run from here I’m going to put that $1000 in altcoins because they will skyrocket as a result.

    I’m not gonna invest in altcoins until I’m %100 sure the market crash is over.

    I made these decisions by watching your videos and listening to your advice and I thank you for it. 🙏🏻

    I haven’t seen many people put so much time and effort in their research and analysis as you do and your upload frequency is also extraordinary.❤️

  • waiting for the low to invest on alt coins

  • Thanks Ben. Yes I agree you have been very clear

  • Satoshi Ben❤️

  • Your explanation on each scenario's is awesome it gives a much better understanding of these patterns thanks 👌🏽

  • Ben, let me know if you decide to come to Cape Town , South Africa for holiday . I wanna buy you a beer 🍺

  • Thank you for the update

  • Print a t shirt and walk around in it all day 🤣🤣

  • People can’t seem to understand that TA isn’t a crystal ball

    It’s about probabilities and following the path of the most likely scenario

    Try not to get discouraged when you see frustrating comments Ben. They’re just ignorant to what it is you do

  • Thank you for the BTC update! 🙂

  • Hi my friend. Thanks again for the hard work. Will be nice if the bc price go up but i trust you and also believe bc wil go down again like you set.

  • I find your analysis to be practical and realistic.

    I find it funny that anyone thinks you or others have that "Crystal Ball" which will precisely capture the exact movements of BTC or any other assest. The Wave Theory analysis you perform can only do as the rules allow…

    Public sentiment is one thing and these perceptions that it is now game on and moving up… ok so it's going up, but it then will move back down because that seems to be where it really wants to go in my opinion – I say this based not on the TA, but rather from look at Inflation affecting the economy. And like any opinion it's simply that and nothing more.

    It is also funny to me how because it seems to want to go higher will that trend continue – Maybe it will. But it just seems to me as you have said the actual Low as yet to happen and we don't know if or when it will occur – I think in June?

    Like you say confirmation is needed and it strikes me that someone has to channel the spirit of Pascal doing a wager in a manner to straddle the possibilities – meaning do you dollar cost average into an asset or not. Do you wait and miss a move or play it safe? These are all very personal decisions that only individuals should decide based on their own situations. So many complex possibilities to consider… maybe this why people hear or think what they do, meaning they see something moving BTC going up and react without knowing or thinking about all the possibilities. I have become unemotional and have left many opportunities on the table lately… oh well. Shit happens. Likewise I have clobbered myself too.

    For anyone who does make a decision and take an action(s) it is on them and not you. I remain of the opinion that is grossly unfair to give you grief that you are adhering to TA rules and probabilities based on what the chart allows and nothing more. If you utter an opinion that is what it is…

    Having said that I always find your work product thought provoking, informative and useful, but never hold you or anyone responsible for what I do. I have many tines beat myself up for my decisions or for not listening to you more thoughtfully and carefully. Careful istening skills are essential and to shed the emotional component of playing this game.

    Having pontificate my thoughts I wish everyone the best success! Just do not get upset with Ben for doing his thing!

    Thank you as always!

  • ow I seriously wanna see you walking around with a t-shirt saying "the low is in" hahahahah

  • Understood . Many thanks 🙏.

  • Ben, please update XRP. No video on XRP today. Hope to have at least 1. Many thanks. 🙏🙏🙏🙏😍

  • ALGO update please! Don't stop. Don't ever stop!

  • Thank u brother for all the amazing content u keep on bringing us! God bless u

  • You’ve been absolutely loud and clear for many months! Most of us understand each situation you explain! Thank you for all the updates – they are great x

  • I believe we will dip a bit and consolidate then go to the upside the low in my opinion has been reached we'll see what the whales decide lol

  • Do the t-shirt! 🤣

  • I think it is so useful to watch twice. Nice.

  • why don't u do some analysis on the monthly chart…that looks really messed up…only bottom we can see even without Elliot wave

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