Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Beginner's Guide To Drywall Taping | A to Z

Mud is art! And with the right knowledge and a bit of experience, it can be fun and very rewarding. In this video I’m showing you everything I know about how to finish (tape and mud) your drywall job. This includes mixing mud, tapered joints, butt joints, inside corners and outside corners. Cheers!

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  • This is the best drywall vid on YouTube

  • your mixing blade is cutting the plastic pail

  • You are THE best and I have learned so much!

  • I love your videos.. you make everything so clear and simple. Before I start something i overthink and fluster myself and panic, then I see your videos and I gain confidence in what I’m doing. I watch your videos before any project I start now

  • JJ

    I know you hear this a lot already, but you make amazing content. Watching your videos has changed everything for me. One thing I was wondering is; is there a way to bevel the butt joint like carve a bit off instead of dealing with the extra paint of doing those joints

  • In your drywall tools video you say not to use drywall screws with a metal corner bead and to use nails, in this video you are using drywall screws. How come? I'm genuinely curious. I'm renovating my master bedroom and don't want to install it wrong.

  • I have done drywall in the past, but no doubt I will do a better job now. I do have a question though. Hopefully someone will be able to answer for me… On walls, why not install drywall vertically rather than horizontally? I suspect there is a completely obvious answer to make me feel like a super novice… Thanks for any input.

  • Just found you tonight , love your style. I wanted to see your oppinion on something i saw on u tube doing dry wall patch. Short version… cut your damage out , i put piece of wood in screwed to existing dry wall. Cut a patch 1/4 smaller and screwed it in place. Then used spray foam in the gap all the way around. I know every one is yelling now. But next i cut it smooth then cut at very slight bevel from each edge cutting the edge back slightly around both sides of dry wall. Then put in my mud then sanding slightly. Yes no tape ! i thought i would try what he did bevels i added. That was 6 months ago and still looks great. Maybe i got lucky maybe its a great new hack like you use to fill wide gaps in dry wall yes i know you tape. I regularly have holes to fix at my sisters because my great nephew is autistic and is very rough on walls. What do you think ? Maybe give it a try , make a video as a posative or negative. Thanks for letting me share and for all the education you have shared.

  • Cheers Geoff. This is great video for nubes like myself. However, I have a question for you. I am doing a reno and replacing part of the wall using a butt joint. The existing gyprock sheets are painted and the new sheet is still raw. Will I get a good mud adhesion on the painted gyprock sheets? Do I need a special mud for this situation or will I need to prep the painted surface?

  • I feel like a professional now, after watching!

  • Thank you for teaching how to properly do drywall. I've learned lots. I am proud to say " I learned how to do this from You Tube".. Thanks again

  • Learning here: Why tape the butt joints at all?

  • Others have said this, and I will too: this is the best drywall video on YouTube by the best home renovator on YouTube. Bookmark this damn thing. Brilliant stuff.

  • How do you do Orange peel touch up.

  • I did not realize how much work tapping and mudding really was. Video was extremely beneficial for ty my life got a lil easier today…

  • I'm sorry, but with 2.5m subs, you'd think your camera work would be spot on. But the close up, out of focus, not capturing what your working on. Sheesh. And that was in the first 2 minutes. I couldn't watch the rest.

  • This guy is my favorite Home repairer on YouTube. Great channel!

  • Not nderstanding can anyone recommend another video please

  • Wow. Even entertaining if you're not doing drywall

  • If you cut the bottom of the bag with your trowel, it's easy to get it into the bucket.

  • your the best man, I always come back to your video 😀

  • rule number 1. pre-fill. you missed that one.

  • Hey bro did you ever try banging the box on the top edge of the bucket when you do that the mud square flips out in 1 piece you can also do half the box as well by adjusting your spot you drop the box on the edge it’s exactly like cracking an egg just what your imagining no more rubbing the bag that looks super ridiculous and time consuming my dad would have been yelling at me already about how much faster he would’ve got 2 sponges of water on it and been loading the “charrolas” already

  • Jeff man you the freaking man
    Thanks to you I learned new skill and did all the work myself saving bunch on money from Zero to a Pro ✅🫡

  • This man Jeff, is the absolute best teacher of all the voutubers. I did my first California patch, thanks to him and I opted to forgo a contractor who wanted to charge me $1700 to replace an 8’x4’ section of my ceiling that was damaged by the upstairs bathroom. My wife and I hung the sheet and of course the tapping and muddying was all mine. I wouldn’t have done this had I not viewed all of Jeff’s videos.

  • M D

    Done. About 3000 total sqft between walls and ceilings. Got pricing at about 6 grand to tape and skip trowel from contractors and I did it for $615.00 and took about a month to do.

  • I haven’t even finished the video yet (about 60% in) and I must say : You’re an amazing teacher and you’ve helped me grow from pathetic to not bad at all in less than a day!
    Extremely educational how you explain everything 👌 You’re actually funny too so it’s entertaining! Thank you so much!👍

  • I’m retired from painting and drywall, this is the only man on YT that has not taught me anything. He’s also the only man YouTube it knows his shit. He is a bad ass. It would be a wonderful pleasure to work with this guy.

  • I’ve always prefilled the gaps prior to tape coat. Per the manufacturers suggestion is to pre fill 45-90min mud then tape coat for a crack free manufacturer warranty – USG

  • Why do you use premixed vs the 45 like you show in the other video for patching?

  • My brother put the dry wall or Gyprock on the wrong way what do I do?

  • Concise and to the point. Useful correct education. Priceless. I’m so grateful !

  • 2 years ago I purchased a home that needed a lot of work. Since that time to now, you've inspired me through countless videos on a wide array of tasks! Your willingness to share your knowledge is extremely commendable.

    The amount of work you (or someone) has put into creating these videos, the editing, audio, and uploading is quite a task in itself. If there was an award for the international tradesman of the year… you'd certainly have my vote. Thank you from Oklahoma, USA.

  • Absolutely the best DIY YT video out there. No Gimmicks or "Click Bait". I have done quite a bit over the years. Drywall mudding isn't my favourite DIY project but I can't resist the challenge. The end result has always been good but the time it takes to get there has decreased with practice. Question? I have used the inside corner tool with good results, it works for me and is slightly quicker. I read articles where it gets bad reviews and comments that say if it was that good the pro's would use it… Opinions invited ?…. now back to re watching Jeff's videos….

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