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Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (SAVAGE) PART TWO Raid Guide

::Final Fantasy XIV – Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (SAVAGE) PART TWO RAID GUIDE

A quick overview of the new SAVAGE RAID of PANDAEMONIUM guaranteed to get you through it!

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  • Watching this gave me an anxiety episode


  • not related to this video, just wanted to
    say thanks for all the guides. I just came back after being gone since right when shadowbringers came out (didn’t do the story yet). didn’t remember anything, none of the mechanics, moves, etc. your guides helped a ton, went from knowing nothing to now i’m doing raids

  • Should I not even attempt this before IL590?

  • I feel like MTQ guides aren't as good as they used to be.
    Before I could watch an MTQ guide and perfectly understand the full fight. Now I have to watch other guide makers who explain things better with better visuals.

  • I've had some people in my static have trouble understanding Act 2 and they found that my written notes helped a bit, so I thought I'd dump them here too. It follows the strat that mizzteq suggests above, and I'd heavily suggest rewatching that bit of the guide after reading this to really confirm you get what is happening, as it's the understanding that is difficult and causes problems, not the execution.
    This'll probably look jank af on mobile.

    Act 2:


    Two thorns go out either side of each cardinal

    Towers: Left of Cardinal

    Aoe: Right of Cardinal

    2 Towers and 2 Aoes go off, then puddles, then the other Towers and Aoes do. Aoes are large, leaving towers just safe, with a larger safe space further clockwise

    Pattern is always opposite aoes and opposite towers (eg: towers N/S and aoes E/W, there will never be an N/E pair)

    >For explanation purposes I will assume it's E/W aoes first (ie: N/S safe first).

    >If it's N/S explosions first, rotate your character 90 degrees to the right (clockwise) and pretend that's north now.

    Tethers with coloured crystals above heads, effects when broken:

    Fire #1: 1 Tank 1 Healer. Soaked AOE on both ends.

    Purple: 1 Tank 1 Healer, colour only shown on healer. Raidwide Damage.

    Fire #2: 2 DPS. Soaked AOE on both ends.

    Wind: 2 DPS. Do not break.

    You will need to decide on a priority order for DPS with the fire tether, for who is going clockwise and who is going anticlockwise.


    1. Tethers go out

    Purple run to opposite corners (T: NW, H: SE), both making sure to be left (anticlockwise) of tower soak spot, breaking their tether.

    Fire Tank stands south on boss hitbox

    Everyone else stack north on boss hitbox

    2. Dark Design places puddles under everyone

    Purples rotate CW into their tower soaks (almost directly N/S to avoid E/W aoes)

    Fire Tank goes SW (where the south aoe would be) and mitigates fire tether break aoe

    Everyone else goes NE (where north aoe would be) and soak fire tether break aoe together

    3. E/W aoes and N/S towers have gone off

    Purples rotate CW to the E/W tower soaks

    Wind rotate CW to roughly SE together

    Fire Tank/Healer both go NW

    Fire DPS split, one joining Wind at SE, the other joining Fire T/H at NW, and both groups soak the fire aoe.

    Alternate Formatting of that same Resolution:

    DPS: Wind or Fire

    1. Stack North on boss hitbox with everyone

    2. After floor puddles, run to safe spot in NE at edge of arena


    3. After aoes/towers go off, Rotate clockwise to SE safe spot.


    3a. One person rotates clockwise to SE safe spot, joining Wind.

    3b. Other person rotates anticlockwise to NW safe spot, joining fire H/T
    (^ follows priority previously decided upon)

    Tank/Healer: Purple or Fire


    1T. Run NW, left (anticlockwise) of tower soak spot

    1H. Run SE, left (anticlockwise) of tower soak spot

    2. After floor puddles, move into the close tower soak

    3. After aoes/towers go off, rotate clockwise into the next (E/W) tower soak.


    1T. Stand South on boss hitbox

    1H. Stack North with DPS shmucks on boss hitbox

    2. Go to the safe spot on your respective sides (tank mitigate)

    3. Go to NW safe spot, meeting a Fire DPS

    (nb: this will be clockwise for Tank, anticlockwise for Healer)

  • Typingway sent me lol

  • Do you happen to have a video that shows how you get such CLEAN and SMOOTH recorded gameplay footage? I have a high end PC, tried so many different OBS settings, but can't get nice FFXIV footage like your videos. Playing the game in real time is smooth, but my recorded videos looks like the FPS is a little choppy whenever I move the camera. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I've been watching your guides ever since I preordered ARR. Don't ever stop. We're with you until the very end!

  • 888888888888…. 33333333333

  • why do u have to break fire tethers and not wind? will fire go off after a specific timer? if not wouldnt it be easier if the whole group just stacks

  • where is the link the description for the first part? dont know if you forgot to put it there or not just noticed it was missing

  • Shz

    I laughed when you said tank privilege hahaha. Great guide!! 🙂

  • I dunno why but it sparks joy in me every time she says "Or you will die."

  • Your giude helps so much

  • Your giude helps so much

  • Thank you very much for your work, as always!!! Twerking Hesperos will be missed, but it’s nice seeing the actual video! XD

  • Sorry for the weird glitch in the first upload! Twerking Hesperos was DEFINTELY not intended. Apologies~

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