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Amazing ! latest Updates shiba inu coin news today and crypto news

SHIB also said there will be a “big surprise” coming when entering 2022, so keep your eyes peeled for future updates in the coming days. After that, the next AMA is coming in February via Watcher.Guru.

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Doggy DAO
Before the AMA, we knew the Doggy DAO would act as many other DAOs do, in giving the ShibArmy the chance to govern and make decisions about the wider Shiba Ecosystem, using $BONE as the governance token.

During the AMA, Shiba’s Discord moderator, Queenie, gave further information from developer Eric M about the future of Doggy DAO.

Phase 1 (Beta Phase): This will allow the community to decide which cryptocurrency pairs will join ShibaSwap as a Woofable Pair, alongside how the BONE rewards will be distributed.
Phase 2: Allows the community to make wider proposals that will be reviewed by the multisig team.

ShibaSwap 2.0
First released in July 2021, an update for ShibaSwap will see the DEX expand into a larger ‘crypto portal’.

While this was initially cryptic, Queenie expanded on what this means. “We are essentially turning [ShibaSwap] into a crypto portal, where we’re going to encompass stats and trends, news, charts, and basically anything that the community would love to see,” she said.

However, it will also receive a UI overhaul, described by Queenie as “a total facelift”.

Shiba Inu Game
We already knew quite a lot about the upcoming Shiba Inu Game ahead of the announcement. Playside Studios announced earlier in December that they would develop the game, alongside Activision veteran William Volk.

The card collecting game is also slated for a release in Q1 2023.

However, what Queenie clarified was that there are actually TWO Shiba Inu games in the work.

“We’ve got the one by Playside and William Volk that will be on the App Store, and that will be a mobile game,” she said. “That one is to bring in the ‘normies’, or people who weren’t able to acquire Shiboshis.

This mobile game (also PC-compatible) will use in-app purchases, according to Shytoshi.

“Then we’ve also got our blockchain version, and that is the one that will add utility to the Shiboshi’s.”

Ah, Shibarium. Touted as the answer to the high gas fees that disrupted the Shiboshi NFT launch, this Layer-2 solution is among the favourites of the ShibArmy members wanting to use their SHIB without paying excessive transaction fees.

“We know everyone is upset about the gas fees. It makes it really difficult, and SHIB has always been about accessibility,” Queenie said.

“By doing this sooner rather than later, we’re retaining that affordability. We’re making sure ShibaSwap doesn’t get choked out by things that are realistically out of our control.”

Queenie also confirmed the long-standing rumour that BONE will be the native gas token on Shibarium.

Right at the end of the Twitter Spaces, Queenie confirmed that every upcoming Shiba Inu project, aside from the SHIB games, will include burn functionality.

Burning has become a vital part of SHIB’s community actions in the last few months. The likes of Bigger Entertainment, for example, have contributed millions of SHIB to the dead wallet in a bid to decrease the circulating supply.

The Future of SHIB

She did, however, state that she expects Shibarium to release in 2022, likely in the first half.

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