Tuesday, January 31, 2023

A guide to the first 15 seconds of every game

When you switch on a video game, you see a bunch of logos and stuff you might not recognize. Welcome to the exciting world of middleware! Join Pat Gill for a tour of the many extremely niche tools that make games possible. Programs like Havok, Speedtree, Simplygon and Easy Anti-Cheat that developers couldn’t live without.

0:00 Polygon’s Comprehensive Guide to Every Game
0:34 Engines
1:03 Bink
3:20 Vivox
3:54 Criware
4:51 Wwise
5:00 Scaleform
5:38 Quixel Megascans
6:23 Simplygon
7:08 Speedtree
7:55 Truesky
8:05 Easy Anti-Cheat
8:40 Havok
9:04 So Much Stuff

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